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Accumulating isn't just a result of speculating - I recently decided to relocate back to Cape Breton.  After packing up my apartment, I have come to the realization that I have more personal belongings than I thought. It is amazing what has accumulated over the years. Why I thought I needed another pair of jeans when there are at least five other pairs in the closet I will never know, but it did get me to thinking what if something happened and I had to replace all my belongings or, even worse, what if I was accidentally responsible for causing a loss to my unit and/or the building? Accidents occur everyday to unsuspecting individuals and tenants need to protect their belongings and themselves.  The simplest form of protection is to purchase a tenant’s insurance policy. A common enough scenario is what could happen if I accidentally left a candle burning. The sofa catches fire, then the curtains, the walls and then the fire spreads through the shared wall into the apartment next-door and then out into the hallway.  In addition to the damage from the fire itself, there is also likely smoke and water damage to the other apartments in the building.  Then I started wondering, where would I live until my unit and building are safe to move back into? The landlord’s insurance company will investigate to determine what caused the fire.  Once it is determined that it was the unattended candle burning in my apartment that caused the fire, I will be held responsible.  The cost to clean up and repair…

Photo : Joyce Small February 19, 2015
Photo : Christopher  Cameron September 04, 2013