New Year's Resolution, Setting yourself up for Failure?

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As both a fitness instructor and a mother of adult girls, I hear resolutions such as, “lose weight, get healthy, and join a gym”. But what does this mean? What plan has been made? If you do not have a plan, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

One of my daughters wanted to join a gym, saying that “I want to work out and get healthy”, which is great on its face value, but after a few innocent questions on my behalf, she became quite upset and discouraged. Here is why.

My questions were not based on the membership price, or amount of classes and equipment offered, because it was apparent both were exceptional. My questions were based on her, her lifestyle and her commitments to work and school.

After she answered my three or four questions, it was apparent, joining a gym should be on a trial basis, not a year commitment. She reluctantly agreed to a three-month trail.

Being a fitness enthusiast, most people would be shocked that I “talked my daughter out of a year membership”. People who know me well though, would not. I am very practical when it comes to my family and fitness.

So are you curious as to my questions? What did I ask her (and anyone else) wanting to make changes in their lifestyle, to include a fitness regime of any kind?

First: What classes are you interested in? For her, this whittled the vast choices she was showing me, down to four classes a week.

Second: When can you go? This again cut the four classes down to two, because she is in school all day and also works evenings.

Third: Whom would you go with, or would you be comfortable going by yourself? If the answer is dependent on someone else, then what classes do he or she like, and when can they go? Is it reasonable to say you would go, if they could not?

Last: Sit down with your entire weekly schedule. Think about childcare, transportation, work schedules, finances, and make it work for you. If you do not have time to make a schedule and a plan, is it reasonable to think you will have time for a class, or even make it a priority?

I am not saying that it is impossible to fit healthy activities into your life, I am saying it takes planning. You would not sign your child up for a program, without making sure they have the willingness to go, transportation, equipment, and on a night you can be there. Planning fitness time for you is no different. Make time for yourself, it is ok to make yourself a priority.

It isn’t making the resolution that will make your “getting healthy” journey a success; it is the preparation. A custom plan for you will ensure a more successful outcome. Make your resolution, one that makes you feel good, and make it something that you can maintain and it will make it so much easier to keep.

Now that you have the questions, ask.

Sit down, make a plan, and feel confident in your resolutions this year.

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