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June 6, 2014

Jim Dorie is yet another fantastic Pictou County Singer Song Writer. Dorie sings about his life, his experiences, as well the life experiences of others to tell stories that are authentic and captivating. At 64 years young Jim admits he is still learning a lot about the music business from when and where to tour to the more finer things, like where to sell an album because four years ago he was able to place his album in local records stores that have now vanished.  Jim recognizes that live performance is now the bread and butter for performing songwriters who want to make a living.


Dorie  has previously released two albums, “something Happened” (2010), “Ghosts of Pictou County”  (2012), which received an ECMA nomination, and is currently in the middle of releasing his third album, “Drop Forge”. 


Drop Forge is an album that is rich with stories that Jim heard over the years and through his travels from small towns in Canada. The title track, “Drop Forge,” is a prime example, as it portrays the importance of a Drop Forge mill in a small town and the devastation when these jobs were lost to Mexico after the Free trade agreement.


Jim Dorie is an excellent song writer and story teller but he does credit Dave Gunning for helping him get to where he is today in the music industry. Gunning produced Dories latest album , as well co-wrote some songs and added some harmonies, guitar and banjo. Also accompining Dorie oh Drop Forger were Darren McMullen, Ray Legere, John Meir, and Tom Swift.


Drop Forge is well-manicured album and must listen, especially if you enjoy historical events with relevance to today’s society. Jim Dorie schedule to be viewed at www.jimdorie.com

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