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Yes it's winter! Winter in Canada where sub-zero temperatures present snow, ice, rain, and insert continual loop here. Correct, getting the newspaper at the end of the driveway requires boots, jacket, gloves and toque. The compost bin waits to be emptied as it sits buried in snow and ice until whenever Mother Spring decides to spring forth.

The shine, the glamour and celebratory feel of Christmas parties and NYE galas are, like, oh so last year! We pop Vitamin C's, D's, E's... like it's a cure for seasonal something or other, and we listen to those within earshot discuss their hot vacay deals "down south." Really, chances are quite high that yours truly will venture "south" someplace before our next season of spring approaches.  But really, let's take inventory of something here. Winter.

The marketers are doing a fab job convincing us to get the heck outta Dodge City. We get daily inbox messages from travel companies suggesting that we must by now be feeling lethargic, cranky and sun deprived. But, wait, they have a cure for that. The deals. The savings. The white sand, coral coral, turquoise water, people laughing poolside enjoying their pineapple filled drinks with straws as large as the icicles hanging from our eaves. It's winter in Pictou County, even in Toronto this year, but let's flip the scene and attempt some love for the big double-U word – "Winter."

We could go for a wonderful cross-country ski or snowshoe tromp through the woods, the cardio workout would surpass any recent office adrenalin experienced with deadlines and to-do lists. The sun on your face, a cold burst of air, the crunch of snow, the glide of the skis! Awesome! Yes, it's minus-10 but smack on some chapstick, stuff your pockets with tissue and just go for it. Embrace those salt-stained boots and car floor mats, slap on your furriest winter jacket, a toque and a scarf and take in an adventure!

Decide that you will not trade in your winter wardrobe quite yet because you love this season! And why must everything and everyone close down when we have snow! Now at the hint of "winter" we are encouraged to buy food, water, batteries and gasoline for an entire 129-hour period! What's up with all this? It's winter, did we not expect snow and ice pellets? 

Turn down the heat, put on a your Canadian sweater and tune into Sochi 2014. Watching the Olympics is just plain exhilarating, especially when our Canadian men’s and women’s hockey teams make it to the gold medal game! 

And they will win, of course, because we are simply the best at winter and winter sports! We will cheer on Canada, while sporting our July 1st bling to show patriotism and support for our athletes. It's winter, and yes, it is "chilly," but really, throw your balaclava in the air and be victorious that you made it this far. Let's decide to love it! Fill your crockpot with some mulled wine, prepare a fondue and round up a few of your winter fun loving friends. Winter. Quintessentially Canadian eh? 


Shawna Coleman is a Westville resident who is never without a camera or a listening ear. She is a regular correspondent with The News and can be reached at shawcole@hotmail.com

Geographic location: Canada, Dodge City, Pictou County Toronto Westville

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