Detox discussion not that simple

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I sat down to watch a Canadian-based show this week and I was very disappointed to see how our detox or cleanses had been portrayed in a negative or "had no effects" on the participants who decided to undergo a detox. 

To begin, the detox only lasted for two days. They took blood tests before the detox and after to find that the participants who did face the challenges of this protocol showed no changes in blood tests when compared to those who ate whatever they wanted. 

The show failed to let the audience know what exactly they were testing in the blood so from a naturopathic perspective, this is like doing a study and not informing people of a simple analysis.

Something I must tell all of you is that many of my patients come to me and say, "I am so frustrated as I feel horrible all the time yet my blood work is normal." My question is, what is normal?  If those participants were asked how their stools changed and how their stomach pain improved or if their energy went up then these findings are significant. It's not until the system is so depreciated that blood work reveals a problem. This is the problem with our health care system. Prevention is the key and solely reading blood work is not the full answer. 

It would have been interesting to do a Live Cell Microscopy analysis on them first, then redo after, or a stool analysis. There are numerous tests available that should be done including the blood. Please seek help from your Naturopathic Doctor and seek prevention and not wait until your blood is affected.


Dr. Lisa McNiven, ND, has a naturopathic practice at Complement Your Health Wellness Centre, 277 Foord St., Stellarton. Visit

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