Children can have fun in any weather

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Winter still seems to dragging on, as I write this, we are expecting another storm coming. It has been a long winter. For those of you who can get away for a vacation, we hope everyone’s trip is safe and fun. For those staying home, spring is coming!

A great way to pass the winter is to spend it with a child. They don’t care what the season it is, they manage to have fun whatever the weather.

We have so many great children waiting for a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple or In School Mentor. This week alone, we have had four referral forms that have come from teachers in our schools who have children that could use an In School Mentor.

Unfortunately we do not have the mentors to provide at this time. We wanted to shed some light on this with the hopes that if you are someone who has thought about volunteering with our programs in the past and just weren’t able to at the time, we ask that you re-consider that now. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what part of the county that you live in, it just matters that you can be a positive person in a child’s life.

To become a volunteer we have a process, consisting of three steps: an orientation, an interview and a pre-match training. Each meeting takes approximately an hour and once the process is done we sit down and chat about who would be a good match for you. Do you like football? We have a young man in the program who I think could out-throw any NFL player. Do you enjoy baking? We have many young people who would love to learn how to bake, and of course enjoy the goodies afterward.

Some of the children have been waiting quite a long time for a “Big” – to a child, the wait is way too long! It is hard to see children and parents get discouraged while they are waiting to be matched. We often hear of things happening in our community with our young people, things like vandalism, drug issues etc. What if you are the person who could have an impact on these issues? By making a child feel valued, they are less likely to skip school, experiment with drugs and disrespect property. When a child feels valued there is no limit as to what they could do. It only takes a little time but who knows what difference you could make. 

We spend quite a bit of time fundraising at Big Brothers Big Sisters so we can run these valuable programs. We have our Bowl for Kids Sake coming up on April 12. If you see someone going door to door with a pledge sheet, we ask that you consider sponsoring them and helping us to reach our fundraising goal. Every little bit helps. If you want to get more information about our programs please just pick up the phone and call, we can answer any questions you might have – 752-6260. 


Big Brothers Big Sisters Pictou County is a regular contributor The News. Karen Chapman talks about the benefits of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program as well as keeping county resident up to date on their recent activities. The column runs every second week.


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