How to feel better in your clothes in a few hours

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Miss Fit in Life - Kelli Cruikshank

Often I am asked, “What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to lose weight and fit back into their clothes?”

The answer I give is so easy, it can literally be done in a few hours. It not only makes you feel better about yourself in one day, but it continues to make you feel great about yourself each and every day.

Put some thought into WHY you feel uncomfortable or “big” in your clothes. The answer is simple. They do not fit properly.

Almost all women hold onto clothes in the dream that they will fit back into them someday. Those clothes become a goal. That one pair of jeans, or dress you loved, and want to “fit back into someday.” If your clothes don’t fit, it is a daily reminder that you want to be smaller, so every day you feel like you failed.

You have not failed. You are subconsciously making yourself feel bad about yourself. Here is my advice THROW THEM OUT. Don’t hide them in the back of your closet; get rid of them. Get rid of all the clothes that do not fit your body and make you feel good about yourself.

Let me expand upon my secret to feeling better about your body in the simplest way possible.

Set aside an afternoon or evening with no distractions, alone in your home. This is key, you do not need any negativity for this process. It will be overwhelming as it is. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and energy. Gather all your clothes, underwear, bras, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets, absolutely everything. If you want, have a close friend come over, but the rule is this, the friend is only there for moral support, no comments should be made. Selection of the proper friend is key. They must be very positive, otherwise do this by yourself.

The next step is going to be a bit overwhelming for some. Start with a simple garment like underwear. Try each pair on and look in the mirror. There is only two piles being made. Yes they fit, or no they they don’t. There is no “maybe” pile. Go through every single pair of underwear and sort them into the two piles. Then move onto bras.

Shirts are next, so put on a bottom that is comfortable (like shorts) and try each top on. Remember only two piles, yes and no. The clothes in the yes pile are things that fit perfect, you would wear right now, that day, out in public. Do not worry about how big the piles are. Just sort.

After the shirts, keep a shirt on that you really like, and start the process of bottoms. Try on each pair, look in the mirror and decide on which pile they belong. Remember there is not a pile for “almost” or “soon.” Keep only what you would wear that day and feel good about it.

I will not lie, this process is tough. Getting rid of perfectly good clothes is difficult, especially when we grew up taught not to throw things out. But why are we holding onto a weight or size of clothes from the past?

You are no longer that person. There is nothing wrong with not being that person anymore. You do not listen to the same songs, eat the same food or drive the same car. You have changed your hair, make up, clothing style…why on earth would everything revolve around one pair of jeans?

I often joke to women, “Are they made of gold?”

Throw out four pairs if need be, if they don’t fit you aren’t wearing them anyways. Save and buy a fabulous fitting pair. Ones that make you feel amazing when you slide them on, zip and button them without even a second thought. They don’t need to be expensive, they need to make you feel good.

Trying on so many clothes that may not fit can be disheartening, but it needs to be done. Do not waste time, try them on quickly and do not over analyze. This is something every woman should do. It is a huge burden lifted. It’s allowing yourself to let go of the past. The day you do it, is the day you start to live as a new found woman. It sound simple, but it truly is freeing.


Each day you wake up to a closet full of possibilities. Each and every item in your entire wardrobe fits and looks great. Imagine the time and effort you will save each day.

The key to this being successful is: staying on task, setting time aside to do this without any negativity, and after you are all done, donate your clothes in the “no” pile, and it has to be that day. Do not say you will do it tomorrow, pack it all up and take it away.

Some will argue that “I won’t have any clothes left” but think of it this way, the “no” pile clothes are clothes that do not match the woman you are inside. Those clothes make you feel bad. I would rather have one pair of jeans that make me feel awesome when I put them on, than four pairs that simply cover my body and do nothing for my self-esteem.

So, my best piece of advice on fitting into old clothes, is throw them out.

Start living and being comfortable in the body you have right now. Be free.


Kelli Cruikshank is a working resident of Scotsburn who balances being a fitness enthusiast, a mother of three girls and a wife. She can be reached at    

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