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What’s the difference?  What is the difference of a few hours a week? Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters we stare at our waitlist files and meet with children on a regular basis and we know the difference few hours a week makes in the life of a child.  I had another conversation with a parent just last week.  She was worried and upset.  She feels that her son is disconnecting from her and the activities he enjoys.  She is trying to do as much for him as she can but she recognizes that she cannot do it all.  We enroll these children into the program and then they have to wait.  Some are as little as 6, while others are close to 16.  They don’t deserve to have to wait very long for a Big Brother or Big Sister, they want and need one now.  So, what difference does a few hours a week make, a huge difference!  When parent’s put their children into the program, they just want someone who will spend positive time with their child. They are not looking for miracles, just positive attention for their child that will help them feel better about themselves.  We need volunteers for the over 50 children that are on our waitlist. The children get so excited talking to us about getting a Big Brother or Big Sister but the excitement goes away when they have waited for a long period of time. We want to be able to call them and tell them that we have someone for them now.  These children need your support and guidance. Big Brothers Big Sisters are that extra support that might not be in place.  The volunteers that are matched with the children already will tell you that the experience is a rewarding one, it is not always perfect, nothing is, however, with the support of the Big Brothers Big Sisters staff the friendship formed can last a lifetime and can teach the child and volunteer many things.  If you enjoy going to the beach, being outside, baking/cooking, or going for walks then our programs may be a great fit for you. If you have ever considered volunteering, call the office and get some information. We would enjoy chatting to about what opportunities we have.  

This week is a big week for Big Bucks, we have had some carry over’s and the pot has grown to an estimated $5000. Look for the green boxes at various convenience stores in the area and register a number. Once you are registered you play that number each week for a chance to win some Big money.  It is only a toonie a week, you can’t beat that. 

If you have any questions about Big Brothers Big Sisters please don’t hesitate to call us at 752-6260 or look us up at www.bbbsofpc.com

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