Province’s response to governance study terms coming soon

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NEW GLASGOW – Local municipalities should be hearing from the province this coming week on the governance study. 

A spokeswoman for the Nova Scotia’s Municipal Affairs said the province has reviewed the terms of reference for the study and will soon be in touch with the municipalities.

The municipalities outlined which terms they wanted covered in the study and sent it to the province for approval. However, the provincial election and change of government in the meantime delayed the response.

A governance study has been a hot button in the county for the past few years. Some municipal units were in favour of contributing to a study that would look at how the county could share services in such areas as administration and joint purchasing, but others felt the province should pay for it.

In March, all of the local municipal units agreed to put in their $25,000 share for the study.

The province had originally agreed to give the municipalities $100,000 to put towards the study, but the councils were concerned the criteria proposed by the province wouldn't cover the areas that needed to be studied. The municipalities counter-offered with new guidelines and a request for more funding in order to complete it. The province answered their request by stating it would pay 50 per cent of the cost of the study, up to $150,000.

If the study’s cost comes in less than $300,000, then any unused money will be returned to the province.

Geographic location: Nova Scotia

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