Local vehicle damaged from flying snow on Highway 102

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NEW GLASGOW – Police are reminding drivers to keep cars clean of snow and ice after a Pictou County vehicle was recently damaged by snow flying off another vehicle on the highway.

A Pictou County vehicle is significantly damaged after snow from another vehicle flew off and hit it while travelling on the highway to Halifax. AMANDA JESS – THE NEWS 

Two people from the area were travelling to Halifax for a business trip on Feb. 18, New Glasgow Police say, when they were hit by a chunk of ice flying off the roof of a GMC truck near Brookfield on Highway 102.

It struck the hood of the silver Ford Escape, causing large dents and more than $2,000 in estimated damages.

“Taking a minute to brush snow off could save you from a preventable accident,” Const. Ken MacDonald said.

Although no one was injured, police still find it concerning.

“We’re seeing a number of these,” MacDonald said.

He said it’s the worst incident he’s seen involving a local vehicle.

However, there have been other incidents throughout the province recently involving shattered windshields and injuries.

MacDonald explains that most of these incidents are happening on highways, after the buildup of snow freezes, becomes unattached and goes airborne.

There is nothing in the Motor Vehicle Act requiring drivers to clean off their vehicle.

However, drivers are required to clean off their licence plate, windows and windshields.

Tractor-trailers are required to clean off their roof before driving. 

Despite the lack of law forcing drivers to clean off their vehicles, police still stress the importance of doing so. 

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