Stellarton to discuss policing decision Monday

Amanda Jess
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STELLARTON – The Stellarton police commission will be bringing its proposal for policing in the town to the council meeting on Monday.

The Town of New Glasgow issued a release Wednesday, stating that their proposal had been turned down and Stellarton would be continuing with the status quo with its own police force.

Stellarton police commission chair Don Taylor said they would be releasing information on their decision and the reasoning behind it after it becomes official from council.

“We all took an oath for the office, and the oath is to maintain the security and confidentiality of what we discussed in camera. It becomes official one way or another on the ninth,” he said. “Given that almost all of council was involved in the review, I suspect that they will rubber stamp it, but until it’s official, it’s not official.”

They notified each party involved, New Glasgow, the Pictou County RCMP, Westville and their own town, of their decision first so they wouldn’t hear it secondhand, Taylor said, adding that each police force worked hard on their proposals.

New Glasgow deputy mayor Jack Lewis, who is also that town’s police commission chair, expressed disappointment in Stellarton’s decision.

“We provided a very thorough proposal to Stellarton that would have provided police services in a very fiscally responsible and prudent manner and we believe would have significantly enhanced policing services for the citizens of Stellarton,” Lewis said in a news release.

Sgt. Kevin Dunlevy with the Pictou County RCMP said they had received word from Stellarton as well.

“It is what it is,” he said in response to the decision, adding that the RCMP would be continuing with business as usual.

In November 2013, Mayor Joe Gennoe said he expected the decision to be made in the new year.

In response to a question about the delay, Taylor said that comment might have been made too soon.

“There’s a lot to it. You’re changing the whole face of policing. You want to do it right one time, as opposed to wrong several times,” he said. “That was where our thinking was. It wasn’t something we wanted to rush through. We felt a lot of pressure. I’ve talked to a few of the committee members who had some sleepless nights.”

He noted they required additional information from one proposal and outside help for a mathematical issue, furthering the time the decision took.

Taylor added that some members had other commitments and employment, meaning it couldn’t be wrapped up in a short time.

One of their concerns throughout the process was to ensure their 10 officers received an answer as quickly as possible.

“They didn’t know where their future was. They deserved an answer… that was another pressure we were under.”

If council were to reject their recommendation, Taylor said they would have to return to the drawing board.

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Organizations: RCMP, Stellarton police commission

Geographic location: Stellarton, New Glasgow

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Recent comments

  • Town resident
    July 07, 2014 - 09:50

    This decision should be discussed with the citizens..The Status Quo is and will not work..we continue to have embarassing mickey mouse policing,personal bias's,and clashing and a police force run by a so called police advisary board.......that is influenced by politics.Amalgamation is coming,and could be forced on us.It will be either be NGPS or the RCMP ....not what we THINK we have....this is not over

  • Stellarton Resident
    June 06, 2014 - 12:27

    Fairness should not blame New Glasgow because if you read the news article the Stellarton Police Commission informed the parties involved before the matter was brought before council. The question now is who in Stellarton is making the decisions and under what authority? We not only need a change in our police force but also a proper chain of command from the mayor and council.

  • Fairness
    June 05, 2014 - 20:57

    In the interests of fairness New Glasgow, could you have not let Stellarton go through its own communications first? The more this goes along I just get more tired of hearing about New Glagow's indignation about everything. Don't be a bully in this.

    • Another Stellarton Resident
      June 06, 2014 - 11:43

      Shouldn`t Stellarton not have had an actual vote by elected officials before an unelected body such as the Stellarton Police Commission sent out any correspondence to anybody. Don`t blame New Glasgow for this one.

    • Reality
      June 06, 2014 - 11:50

      Perhaps, Stellarton should not have wasted New Glasgow's time as it sounds like the decision was made before they went for proposals. I am tired of my Town waiting for the neighbors to move forward for the good of Pictou County!

  • Another Stellarton Resident
    June 05, 2014 - 20:44

    Now it may well be that the Police Commission's decision will be "rubber stamped" as Mr. Taylor suggests, but to quote Shakespeare, something is certainly rotten in Denmark. OK in Stellarton. Here we have a commission, where the majority of members are unelected, coming to a conclusion about policing and then sending out a letter to other municipalities & the rcmp indicating they have decided to maintain the status quo. This same notification was done by this committee without having the decency of bringing their conclusions to a full & open council meeting for Mr. Taylor's so called rubber stamping. Democracy be damned in the town of Stellarton. With that thought in mind, perhaps the streets committee could declare that all streets within the town be repaved and send out contracts to whoever they decide. Again I ask, "Mr. Premier are you or your government paying any attention whatsoever to what is going on in this town?"