Campaign questions for Peter MacKay

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1. For this riding, what is the biggest issue you are hearing about? What is

your response to it?

Voters want stable futures. They’re looking for some reassurance that the needs of their families are met – whether it’s their own health-care needs, the needs of their parents or the needs of their children. They want to be sure their communities are safe and their jobs are safe. That’s the kind of policies a Conservative government will deliver – a strong and healthy economy that helps families and protects small business through training, trade and low taxes – not to mention important new measures that are tough on crime.


2. What policies/values attracted you to the party you are in?

 The Conservative Party stands for fiscal responsibility, progressive social policy and a belief in the rights of the individual. We also believe in access to quality health care no matter what your income level and the concept of free and fair trade. These are all values I believe in and I believe most Canadians hold dear. The Conservative Party supports our Canadian Forces to provide our men and women in uniform with the tools and equipment they need to do the important work we ask of them. We support the valuable services of our police, firefighters, and emergency responders and have fiercely defended the law and order of this great nation. This shows serious consideration for Canadians’ concerns.


3. Where should Ottawa focus its funding/support in regard to Central Nova?

Our Conservative government has already shown a strong commitment to Central Nova by investing more than $400 million here since February 2006. Now we want to build on that. We have invested in the health and well-being of residents with projects like the Pictou County Wellness Centre, we have invested in the viability of our fishing communities with over $3.5 million for small craft harbours and we have put a lot of support into employment and retraining programs. We understand and respect the importance of our rural communities and in particular, the significance of farming, forestry and heavy industry in this region. With the re-tabling of our budget, we will give tax breaks to volunteer firefighters and seniors, keeping our communities strong.


 4. What is the biggest focus of the election nationally? And should it be


The economy continues to be the biggest focus of the election nationally and Canadians are right to seek answers. They’re tired of the bickering and finger-pointing and their concerns deserve real consideration. A re-elected Conservative government will work hard to implement the next phase of our Economic Action Plan, a low-tax program that creates jobs and puts more money in the pockets of Canadians. Supporting seniors and caregivers through tax cuts and tax credits are just two of the measures that will help put us back on the right fiscal track for the future.



5. Why should people vote for you?


I have been honoured to represent the people of Central Nova for more than 13 years. I have a proven record of delivering results to Central Nova and, if re-elected, will continue to fight hard to represent their interests in the House of Commons. This is the community in which I grew up, have made friends, play sports and continue to live and I am always happy to hear more about how government can help this region.

Organizations: Conservative Party, Canadian Forces, Pictou County Wellness Centre House of Commons

Geographic location: Central Nova, Ottawa

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Recent comments

  • kevin peterson
    April 26, 2011 - 21:13

    Peter Mckay says that free and fair trade is a value most Canadaians hold dear, well I beg to differ. What is free and fair trade, ask our farmers if they get free and fair trade and there certainly is nothing fair or free for those countries to our south excluding the USA. It is on the backs of the workers of these countries that we have cheap food and products. If the Conservatives truly cared they would not hide all the truths surrounding Free trade agreements until after the agreement is signed. Looking after our Forces, what about when they come home injured; physically or mentally. We sure drop the ball here. Outfit them right OK, but look after them when they come home as well ,do not just see them as a liability, they fouhgt for our country whether we agree with the war or not. He speaks of the Wellness Centre, well I ask who was it really built for the residents of the county or for big business trying to attract top notch executives with a little bonus, centre membership plan.They will be the only ones who can afford the memberships even though it was built with our money. As far as the economy goes maybe if big business would stop using the "down turn" as an excuse to cut jobs we might all be a bit better off instead of just those running big business who still get their and our fair share. Getting bonuses for taking jobs out of our communities - does not make sense to me. Tax breaks for firefighters, seniors and oops not mentioned Big Business. Lets see who gets the biggest break. Make them, big business, pay their share and everyone would be better off. Give it a try it might work, we all know that what has been done in the past is not working for the working and those unable to work or the retired.

  • Susan Publicover
    April 20, 2011 - 15:04

    Peter MacKay is the Best representative for Pictou County, and I will be Proud to vote for him again. Keep up the good work.

    • Nick Warner
      April 20, 2011 - 19:45

      Peter has brought almost half a billion dollars to this area since the Conservatives were elected and been a standout defence minister standing up for our troops. I will be proud to vote for him, again.