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Kevin Adshade
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*The temperature slowly but surely rises, and and the grass fires are in full bloom around Pictou County.
The Major League Baseball season is underway, and Toronto Maple Leafs are spending their spare time at the rink in the dressing room, with those things that help you work on your golf swing indoors, as they count the days. It must be spring.

*When you deal with the devil, or a Chinese government whose human rights policies leave a lot to be desired, you're bound to get some devil dirt on you. When Beijing was awarded the 2008 Olympics, the IOC surely was aware of some of the problems that could confront them as the Summer Games approached.
Is China ready to clap the world on the back and say, 'we're just nice folks over here'? I doubt it. Giving the Olympics to Beijing might have been nothing more than a bad idea.
Tibet has been a major issue for decades, and does anyone remember Tiananmen Square? Not pretty.

*Not-quote-sports-item: a $200-a-plate dinner? When I heard about that, I thought, 'hey I could really use the money. Two hundred bucks just for showing up and listening for a few hours is worth it, no matter who's doing the talking.'
Then I thought, 'nah, I don't need the money that much.'

The Lady Mavs, with whom I made an acrobatic debut last month, are playing in the Donald Keddy Memorial tournament this weekend, one of four female teams in the event. I always like the Mavs' blue-and-white unis, back to the Pictou County High School Hockey League days when the Westville High School Mavericks wore the colours, and now that I am emotionally invested in this team I will cheer them on, hoping they can win the title for their fallen Mav. That would be me, still out with a horrific rib-area injury, although I was ringing pucks off iron and into twine at JBM Stadium on Monday.
I'll always feel a part of it, should the Mavs win the championship on Sunday afternoon at the Westville rink. So naturally, I would like my name on the trophy along with the other girls, please. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Adshade is sports editor with The News

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