Canadians' view of Bush no surprise

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It's hardly an earth-shattering revelation, but a poll released Wednesday shows that Canadians take a dim view of U.S. President George Bush.
As well, the poll indicates that Democrat Barack Obama would get an overwhelming majority of support if Canadians had to choose between Obama - now the clear front-runner in the Democratic nomination campaign - and John McCain, who most expect will be the Republican candidate in early November.
Mind you, it won't be Canadians who go to the polls this coming November to elect a new president, but the numbers indicate a dissatisfaction with Bush and his eight-year reign in Washington.
The survey of 1,000 Canadians suggested 65 per cent consider Bush one of the worst presidents ever - if not the absolute worst.
Interesting, the results were similar among different age groups, genders, income categories and in every province.
There are likely several reasons that Canadians aren't enamoured with the Bush era: to start with, Canadians are generally more liberal-minded than Americans; throughout his presidency, Bush has never appeared to take much of an interest in this country, which traditionally has been America's closest ally. Bush has even straddled the line of putting forth an aura of mild contempt for Canada, ever since we expressed reluctance to his foreign policy, particularly as it pertained to the war in Iraq. One gets the feeling that he expects Canada to toe the line or get out of the way.
And, Bush's handling of the U.S. economy since 2000 has come under intense criticism - even in Canada; where our economy is heavily dependent on the American economy - Bush's failings on that front have been well-documented.
What happens in America just doesn't affect America, it affects the entire world, and with our close proximity to the most powerful nation on earth, Canadians always take an interest in the political goings-on south of the border.
It will be interesting to see where U.S. voters will cast their lot in the November election.

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