Poll shows more men are concerned about health today

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We've come a long way - but there's still a ways to go. That famous slogan - made famous, ironically, by a decades ago cigarette company marketing campaign that targeted women - sprang to mind after a poll released this week indicated that men in this country are putting a bigger premium on taking care of their bodies.
A Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey of 1,000 Canadian men suggests they are more concerned with the idea of eating better and maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle.
But only to a point.
According to the poll, 76 per cent said they were trying to eat less fat, 67 per cent were eating more fibre, 63 per cent were trying to reduce salt in their diet, and 57 per cent were keeping a watchful eye on how many calories they consume.
However, 96 per cent surveyed said they eat meat and 98 per cent nixed any suggestion of taking up the activity of yoga.
Vegetarianism may be trendy - indeed, Bob Barker and many others who practise it, extoll the virtues of such a diet - but there's little doubt that we love our red meat. While a lot of it probably isn't good for anyone, a burger, steak or roast beef now and again never hurt anybody.
Thanks in large part to education in the past three decades or so, we are all more health-conscious than we used to be - and not just the male gender. We know that smoking and drinking to excess can have terrible, life-altering repercussions. We know that over-indulging in sugar and other goodies and yes - even red meat - can often be counter-productive to good health. We also understand that regular exercise is conducive to better fitness.
A healthier society means we are giving ourselves an opportunity at having a better quality of life, not to mention the social and economic benefits we enjoy when we pay more attention to our bodies.

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