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Kevin Adshade
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With about three minutes left in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final on Monday, the Detroit Red Wings were up 3-2 and it looked over and out for the Penguins of Pittsburgh.
So I, with nothing to do, began scratching out this little column, which was to have been an ode to the lost dreams of the Penguins (glory delayed by a year, I suspect), and on the flip side, a tribute to the Red Wings, who should have been hoisting the Cup a few minutes later.
Please, someone - stop the press.
The Penguins managed to tie Game 5 and although thoroughly dominated in two-plus overtime periods, they'd win it in triple OT, sending the series back to the unfortunately-named Mellon Arena, the scene of tonight's Game 6.
I would like to avoid talking about the refereeing in overtime of Game 5. I don't think I will go down that road. I do miss the days when the referees let you get away with anything short of murder in playoff overtime, but as stated, I won't go there.
For the Penguins, who have been very good at home in the playoffs, an opportunity is there to extend things to a seventh game and, as we all know, anything can happen in a winner-take-all.
It would not surprise me if the Red Wings finally put the lights out on the Pens this evening - they are obviously a better team, to state otherwise would mean we haven't been watching the games - and at the same time it wouldn't be a shock to see Pittsburgh make one more trip to Motown.
It's hard to get to a Stanley Cup final - just ask fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, we can tell you all about it - but it's not a wild stretch to believe that the '09 Cup final will be a rematch of the 2008 version.

Update: Once in awhile in this space, I mention that I go on jogging kicks - the shirts get tighter and thus, it's time to run off some of that flab. That's what it is - flab. Fatty, greasy poundage, extra helpings of the wife's cheese-smothered casseroles and other things, just sitting there taking up space.
Well, the news here today is, I'm still debating the start of the next iron-clad committment to fitness (the other news is, the last time I went on one of those kicks, I actually liked it - even missed it when I skipped a day - until the snow fell and the streets got icy, which created an urgency to avoid being run down by one of those fine Pictou County drivers who may, or may not, steer their rolling machines of death right onto the sidewalk).
But that's another story and frankly, a lame excuse.
I once decided that I would train long enough to run the 5K at the Johnny Miles Running Event. Yes, that was three years ago but I'm still thinking about it - big time.
Maybe those fitness-minded participants at the 2008 Johnny Miles will inspire me, however - maybe for 2009. Yes, 2009. Sounds good.

Kevin Adshade is sports editor with The News

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