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Kevin Adshade
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Hi there. So I'm on over the Internet Friday, going through the rules and regulations of cricket (not for very long) for an article that appears on these pages today. The terminology associated with the sport seems bizarre if you're not hip to it - it's like some kind of weird moon-man language.

I don't often do this because it's just asking for trouble, but I'm calling it: the NNEC Gryphon girls are going to win a provincial rugby title today in Halifax.
The girls went 1-1 on Friday, losing a close one to Kings-Edgehill. That was good enough to get into today's semifinal against Avonview, whom the Gryphons knocked senseless a few weeks ago.
They should get by that one no prob-lem-o, and whomever they face next will have it handed to them. Bank it.
The NNEC girls have a few players who are bulldozers - Brittany Heighton and Noelle Reddick most prominently among them. They just run over people, and is it ever awesome. Before one game this season, I was talking with Noelle Reddick about jazz and Billie Holiday, and then a few minutes later she was plowing through a wall of Hants East Tigers. It took about six of them to bring her down.

Non-sports item #1: My boys in Triumph, the Canadian power trio, hit the stage tonight at the Sweden Rock Festival, along with Def Leppard and Whitesnake (love the '80s rock). It shall be the first time in almost 20 years the Rock 'n Roll Machine has played together on stage. This is a big day for me.
Non-sports item #2: Is Mutt Lange out of his mind? Did he forget who he's married to? I mean, seriously…. Wow.

The CBC might be changing the Hockey Night in Canada theme song. Which would be unfortunate, but many are acting as if this borders on the sacrilegious.
The furor has even reached Ottawa, a city full of politicians who habitually blather on and on about things that are unimportant, who take relatively minor issues and blow them far out of proportion.
In Parliament, Liberal critic Denis Coderre said Heritage Minister (why this country needs a Heritage Minister is beyond me) Josee Verner should do something about it.
"The Hockey Night in Canada theme is a part of Canada's culture that goes beyond sport," said Coderre. "If the minister wants to show that she cares about Canadian heritage, this is her chance."
I like that last sentence - it illustrates my point with utter clarity. I wonder if Coderre said it with a straight face.

Kevin Adshade is sports editor with The News

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