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Kevin Adshade
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This is the second straight week I've mentioned the NBA, which hasn't happened in like, ever. But I am curious about who's watching the playoffs in this hockey-mad county, so I called Anse MacDonald (Mr. Basketball in these parts) and asked what the boys down in the men's spring league are saying.
It's all Celtics all the time, at least according to the league Commish. "I only talk to Celtics fans, so I don't know what the other ones are saying. I'm prejudiced."
What about the Cleveland Cavaliers's down time, to re-fuel for the next series... which may or may not include the Celtics, who are being run into the ground by consecutive long series (and still haven't finished off Orlando). Is that worrisome? "When you play the champions, you need a rest," says MacDonald.
Okey dokey, but isn't he worried about LeBron James leading a Celtics destruction? "LeBron isn't Superman."
No, but when it comes to NBA players, LeBron IS the man.
* * *
Pictou County Weeks Crushers' president Wade Taylor said a new coach will be named next week to replace Troy Ryan, who has taken on the challenge of returning the Halifax Lions to Junior 'A' prominence. The Crushers have five candidates on their short list, and Taylor said one of the hard-and-fast rules in the job description is to maintain the policy of being active in the community. Good thing, that. The Crushers built up points in the community with their willingness to donate their time when asked, and backing off that policy would make some people very unhappy. Taylor wouldn't confirm or deny that a couple of local coaches are in the running to take over the reins.
* * *
Non-sports thoughts of the week:
Had a grand old time bashing around Facebook and Twitter this weekend, with someone who's drinking the social network Kool-Aid. I did so without knowing a lot about either, but that certainly never stopped me before. The idea of regularly updating people on my latest going-on (hada chckn sndwch 4 lunch!) seems frivolous. They have useful applications no doubt, still no one could possibly care that I had a sandwich and if they did, I'd think things are slow on the other end of the Tweet. I'd think maybe they need to get some better stuff happening in their lives.
Call me out of touch with anything post-1989, but if I want to update someone on my life (I usually don't but say I did), there's this thing called a telephone.... you can press some buttons and talk to people on it.... quite amazing, and those things have been around for years!
I don't necessarily want to hook up on the 'Net with old friends from high school, and surely the feeling is mutual. What do they type after we exchange pics? "You've got some grey hair now haha." What do I reply? "You've got some fat thighs now." Only I'd not use the 'haha'; in this case it's not funny because it is true and also... I can't lie... I can be thin-skinned at times. A sensitive guy, really.
* * *
Was it Cito Gaston all along? The guy who won't bunt and pinch-hit? Was that what they'd been missing? Cito Gaston?
Led by their only manager in the past 20 years who apparently can win, the Toronto Blue Jays are relevant again, with an entertaining offence that has them atop the American League east. If the surprising Blue Jays continue to contend, any trade of star pitcher Roy Halladay - a distinct possibility this season - would be something the Jays would have to think long and hard about if they're in the hunt mid-summer.

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