He's still preoccupied with 1985

Kevin Adshade
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The year was 1985. Wayne Gretzky was already the greatest hockey player ever (still is), Joe Montana was the best quarterback ever (still is) and golfers dressed awful (still do, but not nearly as bad).
John McEnroe was ranting like a lunatic (still does, only now he does it on the Senior tennis circuit at age 50 God bless him), the Blue Jays were on the verge of developing the choke label (need we elaborate on the past week?) and politically, Brian Mulroney was just starting to swindle the taxpayers (need we elaborate on the past week?).
Glory days, yeah they pass you by. But all is not lost, Boss: not when we have the kids at West Pictou Consolidated time warping us with "Back to the 80s", a musical they'll stage June 1 and June 3. You might even see some of the worst hairstyles ever (I certainly hope so).
The musical is set in 1985 at West Pictou - 18 years before it ceased to be a high school. Jocks, nerds, losers and preppies will be front and centre.
Hope they don't forget the stoners, though - every high school had them back then, unlike today of course *Ahem*. Maybe that's what they mean by "losers".
I didn't go to high school around here, but one high school was just like the other in northern Nova Scotia in those heady times.
The preppies? Some of those girls were really n-i-c-e (that's what we said about good looking girls back then, they were 'nice'), but too worried about good grades and preparing for the future to have fun.
They weren't viewed with contempt like the gym-rat jocks though; with their tight little basketball shorts and college boy hair, jocks were the scorn of the headbangers, guys whose main goals were a $4 six-pack for Friday night, a '73 Valiant and dreams of getting a bitchin' guitar just like Eddie Van Halen's red-and-white striped beauty, as featured in the Panama and Hot for Teacher videos.
WPC principal Chris Boulter says "Back to the 80s" will appeal to those who remember leg warmers, narrow leather neckties and Boy George. LOL narrow neckties … what about jean jackets with rock band patches sewed on them, and trading cassettes out in the smoking area? What about those, huh?
"Alright, I'll give you Out of the Cellar for Powerslave. Fair trade, man."
It was a simpler time (cue Glory Days for background music), a coming of age. A generation before, the Boomers had Woodstock and Jimi Hendrix, war protests and goin' to jail, but it all imploded when they sold out and saddled up with The Man.
The Boom Echo generation circa 1985 r-u-l-e-d, however. That's what we said back then, also: Iron Maiden Rules! or whatever band you thought ruled the day. No guy ever said Duran Duran Rules! because they'd be a total nerd for saying it and someone might snap him.
Change is inevitable (how's that for insight? As if anyone over 20 doesn't know this already). Gretzky gave way to Mario Lemeiux and later, to Sidney Crosby, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Kevin Adshade is a columnist for The News

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Recent comments

  • Smalls
    January 18, 2010 - 13:13

    Duran Duran Rules!


  • Kirk
    January 18, 2010 - 12:57

    Wonder which category this guy fell under in highschool... Jocks, nerds, losers and preppies..

  • Ted
    January 18, 2010 - 12:33

    Nerds don't listen to music, period. If you liked Duran Duran, you were a Hoot-Digger.