July spells free agency fever

Kevin Adshade
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The plethora of red-and-white-wearing hosers during Canada Day on Wednesday got me asking some questions about Canadian sports. Never mind that Canada Day falling mid-week almost doesn't feel like a holiday, and never mind that with NHL free agency starting on July 1, the Canadian sports media had yet another excuse to blather on and on about hockey, as if six months of regular season and eight more weeks of playoffs weren't enough.
I'd really like to know some things. Does hockey ever take a break, or is it just one long trip up a sheet of ice, from here to eternity, with lots of cliche-ridden quotes and endless chattering about the plight of the Toronto Maple Leafs? Does TSN talking head Bob MacKenzie ever take a vacation? And while I'm at it, couldn't Darren Dreger lighten up a little? The guy must think hockey is the most serious thing in the world, as if the trials and tribulations of the Danny Heatley/Ottawa Senators impasse were the most pressing concern for Canadians. Smile, dude - it's easy. And besides, it's something to do with the Senators, so who even cares?
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It seems like it's too hot to be playing football, even in Canada, doesn't it? July doesn't feel like football weather, although it's good that the CFL is back for the 2009 season. There are times I make fun of the CFL because, well, just because I can, yet one thing that almost no one ever talks about is that on any given weekend, you'll find just as many entertaining CFL games as you will find south of the border, in the over-hyped (by guys like me), bloated National Football League.
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Non-sports thought of the week: I was talking about Michael Jackson with a woman on Wednesday (he died last week - you might not have heard about it because it's barely been on the news) and I said, you know, he might have been whacked out of it, what with all the plastic surgery and turning white and stuff, but the guy was a genius, revolutionizing music back in the 80s. This has been said so many times the past seven days that I don't even know why I am bothering, but he was truly one of the great entertainers in pop history.
* * *
I wonder how much money Vernon Wells is being paid to be an offensive liability for the Toronto Blue Jays? I suppose I could do some Internet research and find out, but I'd prefer not knowing. It's getting tedious watching him ground out three times a game, flying out once and maybe, if he's lucky, getting a meaningless base hit to left. That is truly great work, if you can get it.

Kevin Adshade is a columnist for The News

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