Bad gamble on good goaltender

Kevin Adshade
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Recently, when he still had his own teeth, the esteemed Mr. Jordan was expressing very little optimism about the upcoming NHL season, since his Montreal Canadiens seem to have gotten rid of the wrong goaltender in the off-season, trading playoff hero Jaroslav Halak and putting the Habs' immediate (and perhaps long-term) fortunes into the hands of Carey Price. Or is it Corey Price? Does it really matter what your name is, if you can't stop the puck?

"Wow, Leaf fans are more upbeat than Canadiens fans," said I. "Although, Leaf fans are always upbeat in August."

Reality doesn't settle in until around late November, or mid-December if they get off to a decent start. Christmas is usually the time when Leaf fans start thinking about their first round draft pick next summer.

Oh wait, they don't have one. Again.

*   *   *

The big thing with NFL players these days is Tweeting. They have "followers" who seem to derive enjoyment from the semi-thoughts of semi-literate athletes. All this technology in the wrong hands can be dangerous. Cleveland Browns cornerback Brandon McDonald tweeted and trash-talked a Cincinnati Bengals roster move this summer, annoying the coaches, and the next Browns' roster move had a lot to do with cutting Brandon McDonald.

Now, you might be asking "who the hell is Brandon McDonald?" which would be perfectly understandable. Good players can Tweet or do other things to get in a spate of trouble, bad players might not be so fortunate.

Watched the start of the 2010 NFL season Thursday night – Minnesota at New Orleans. The TV people did a piece about hurricane Katrina, and the city's love affair with the historically terrible Saints team.

Five years ago, the Superdome was home to New Orleans residents who lost almost everything, in a city that didn't know how much longer it would even be a city, let alone home to an NFL team.

On Thursday, the Saints marched into an emotional Superdome for their first home game of 2010, with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in tow and a World Champion banner to be unveiled.

But yeah Brandon McDonald, you keep Tweeting. You inspire.

*   *   *

"Here is a picture of my dad.... and here is a picture of him with his dog... and here is a picture of my son outside the rink wearing his Red Wings/Bruins/Islanders/Leafs/Ducks/Red Wings jersey... and here is a picture of my daughter playing hockey... and here is a picture of our boat at sunrise. Isn't it just beautiful? The boat, I mean – it's got a big ole' engine, you could drop that baby in a Monte Carlo and tear up some blacktop... and here is a picture of..."

Linda Lou, PLEASE! Enough already!

*   *   *

This guy who's still hanging around the office has a three-year-old son, and we've been teaching the boy some football. The kid will need to put on some weight and have a growth spurt over the next 15 years, but so far it's been a success – he loves tackling and being tackled (this kid doesn't seek the sidelines to avoid being hit; he comes right at you, and has nearly mastered the finer points of the stiff-arm).

As a bonus for the adults, you get to feel like a beast when you clothesline a three-year-old toting the football. That way, everybody wins! He's even developed a game face – a look of single-minded intensity that says 'don't mess with cool hand.'

Friendly kid off the field, a terror on it and doesn't tweet, either.

Three years old and already old-school.

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