Bruins have emotional sting to overcome

Kevin Adshade
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Overtime in the NHL playoffs is about as riveting as you can get in sports, but don't you find that once a game gets into double OT, you want the thing to end? Who wants to stay up until 2 a.m. to watch four hours of a hockey game, unless of course you've got an emotional attachment to one of them?

Even with Chicago beating Boston in triple-overtime Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final on Wednesday, the Bruins can be thankful for two days off, not to mention they made short work of the surprisingly awful Pittsburgh Penguins in the conference final. The Bruins are resilient, and shouldn't have a problem getting over the emotional sting of the Game 1 loss. 

A playoff series is usually difficult to predict between two evenly matched teams, but the Bruins almost have to win Saturday night's Game 2, because if they don't, they'll have a tremendously difficult time beating the Blackhawks in four of the next five games. 

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Non-Sports Thoughts of the Week: All right, I'll say it. Did it ever once occur to someone in the justice system that the Internet Black Widow, who in 1991 drugged and then killed her husband by running him over with a car – might be… I must put this delicately… ummmm, crazy?

Just flat out nutty. 

Now that she's going to spend federal time in prison, like maybe the country club… oops, I meant "facility" over in Truro, maybe someone could classify her as a dangerous offender and keep her locked up until she's too old and frail to kill anybody else. 

Or better yet, keep her there until Satan calls her home.

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In the past week or two, I've watched more playoff basketball than I have in years. The San Antonio Spurs, as of this writing, were attempting to take a 3-1 series lead on the Miami Heat as they hosted Game 4 in Texas. The Spurs are likeable for two reasons: they're like, a million years old, they've won championships and as their core group is closer to the end than the beginning of their careers, they're trying to knock off the powerful Heat. San Antonio has been making LeBron James look ordinary but give credit to LeBron for stating flatly that he's been playing "like (crap)". If he doesn't turn up the volume on his game, San Antonio will again be crowned the champions. 

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And Another One: I've been reading about this Pictou County Pizza War thing going on. Although I find I don't realty care about it, I must say we ordered a pizza last week from a local well-known pizza joint, and it was 45 minutes until we got it, so by that time the pizza was lukewarm and greasy – not even the brown sauce could save it. The thing got eaten of course, but I had to call the place and register my complaint. You see, if you don't do that then the pizza might be just as lukewarm, late and grease-ridden the next time.

Now, here's my take on the Pizza War: I won't name-drop because I ain't getting anything out of this, but there's a supposed Italian-themed cafe on Provost Street in New Glasgow (gee, what establishment could he be referring to?) that makes an all-meats pizza and, when it's fresh, I have never tasted better pizza.



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