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Here we go, the Nova Scotia government sets out to prove its outdated, back-water attitudes with the NSLC leading the charge. So much for promoting small business and the services they offer customers.

In targeting several stores offering beer- or wine-making kits and in-store services – including a New Glasgow outlet – the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation is carrying the big stick. That’s what usually happens when someone has a monopoly.

Water N’ Wine on Stellarton Road is among the three named in an injunction sought in Supreme Court by the NSLC to shut down a feature to help customers. The corporation wants to stop any service that involves fermentation or storage of alcohol products in the stores.

This comes from a change to legislation the NDP government introduced 18 months ago giving the NSLC powers to police this issue.

With the staggering tax grab the province enjoys from the commercially made product, of course it has incentive to shut down any competition. Let it also be noted, though, that in the case of homemade wine and beer, this is a competition with a tiny percentage of the market.

U-vint stores are common in many other provinces. In the case of Water N’ Wine, it’s never been covert, the service offered is entirely up-front. It’s not hard to imagine the convenience to someone wanting to brew their own, but who for example might not have space for the equipment.

In commenting on this earlier, one of our local politicians assured us the law was aimed at bad apples: anyone taking advantage by making and selling the product.

By all means, go after the bad apples. But buzz off and leave be those offering a legal craft product – along with some help to customers who need it. It’s available in provinces confident enough to bid the dark ages goodbye.

If this government truly is on the side of entrepreneurship and the jobs it represents, get out of the face of business, out of the face of consumers and catch up with the times.

Organizations: Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, Provincial, Supreme Court

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, New Glasgow, Stellarton Road

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Recent comments

  • westvilain
    January 12, 2013 - 21:24

    I agree with johnny smoke except i think the party will have to be an independent as we all know the person running for the seat is just a person placed there by their friends due to a good reputation.

  • taxpayer
    January 12, 2013 - 18:11

    i will be glad when the next election comes to get rid of t the N D P GIVING THE NSLC the power to get court oders to stop these two small brewing stores to stop people from brewing there wine and beer.. the NDP should be ashamed of themselves getting the nscl to do there dirty work for them i know i will never vote for them again they are ruinning this province company's closing power rate's getting out of control

  • snooky
    January 12, 2013 - 08:12

    The NS Government ought to have shown support for these on-site brew operations by amending the legislation to bring it into line with other provinces. It is widely recognized that the consumer benefits from such operations and that there is minimal risk to the public. The public supports these operations and they are the electorate; so much for the government responding to the will of the people.

  • snooky
    January 11, 2013 - 18:18

    Your editorial is bang on. The government could just have easily amended the pertinent legislation and allowed for the on-site brewing to continue. These businesses are legitimate and offer the consumer an alternative- a tiny bit of competition for a massive business. MP Scott Brison has recommended that the NSLC be privatized ,and he believes that it could net the taxpayers between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars. Others too have recommended that this be done (Peter Moriera in his book Backwater Nova Scotia) .This possibility too has been curtailed with legislation that makes it much more difficult to privatize the NSLC . When Donald Cameron okayed the privatization of Nova Scotia Power in the early 1990's, there were those who were opposed, but it went ahead. The manner in which the NS Government gets along with Emera seems to be fine. If NSLC is worth what Brison has suggested, imagine what a $1.5 billion dollar reduction in our debt could do to our interest payments on that debt; also, imagine the impact such a move would have, in all probability, on our credit rating. The NDP government should re-think the cannon that they have given the NSLC to kill a mouse; they should amend provincial legislation to allow for on-site brewing as is practised in other jurisdictions. With the provincial government allowing private competition to provide some of its payroll services, there ought to be consistency and allow for these on-site brewers to continue their work and offer a desired service for many Nova Scotians.

  • speck
    January 11, 2013 - 09:51

    So squashing people for brewing with help is forbidden because they might -might- earn a buck on the side, but paying NDP-friendly Union cashiers ~ $25 bucks an hour base + benefits +pension to stand there and scan a bar code is okay? Yup, sounds like Dexter logic to me.

    • Rob
      January 12, 2013 - 16:06

      Just a quick correction to your post — I'm a casual student worker and I don't get paid nearly that much. In fact, it's less than half of what you've stated minus all of the benefits as well. It irks me to know end that this kind of attitude prevails in the public. Believe it or not, not all employees are union-loving leeches.

  • Johnny smoke
    January 11, 2013 - 08:15

    This government of slow learners previously quick finger pointers knows no bounds when it comes to common sense governing. The whole reason for this latest foray into the world of business, where they have proven themselves to be inept and incapable of any thing but handing out taxpayer money to questionable city slickers, is to protect the jobs of unionized and therefore brethren of these socialists. Hopefully their time at the reigns of power will be limited and that we in this province have enough smarts to elect a party who will govern for the people as a whole and not for the public service only. their base of support I might add.