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There’s no end to the possibilities of a chemical world. Bath salts today as a recreational drug of choice in Pictou County – what’s next?

Local police released information about a bust this week that had to be startling to a lot of folks in this area. We’ve heard before of the popularity in northern Nova Scotia of this vicious drug, methylenedioxypyrovalerone, commonly known as bath salts. New Glasgow even got brief mention in national news last year when reports of the drug first arose.

To learn that police in this county made the largest seizure ever in Canada of bath salts is an extremely troubling distinction.

Health professionals and police have told the public of the ravages of this drug – its hallucinatory effects on users and severe withdrawal symptoms that make it highly addictive.

Police are also saying that a tactic used by dope dealers is to lace other recreational drugs, such as marijuana, with bath salts to get people hooked and ensure a customer base.

Notice they don’t lace legal drugs, such as alcohol or tobacco, with bath salts to boost their trafficking. That’s because those products are available by controlled sales.

Criticism is mounting in this country and elsewhere over the continued war on drugs and how driving it underground only abets the underworld gangs carrying on the trade.

Here’s an illustration of how one drug, cannabis products, suddenly becomes much more dangerous because of its inclusion in the illegal trade. It’s one of the reasons we hear growing calls for the decriminalization of marijuana, perhaps even licensed, government-controlled sales.

Let’s be clear, no one is promoting recreational drug use, but obviously when faced with highly dangerous substances like bath salts we know where finite police efforts should be concentrated.

We’re talking about two extremely different drugs here. Why a government would perpetuate laws that thrust them into the same league is beyond comprehension.

Geographic location: Pictou County, Northern Nova Scotia, New Glasgow Canada

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