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In regard to garbage disposal, county council is onto something bound to interest the average property owner.

Council is looking into the prospect of offering collection of larger, bulkier things people need to get rid of, an idea for which Coun. Leonard Fraser had earlier requested information.

Along with the discussion came an alternate pitch to provide a number of drop-off locations, such as at fire halls, making it handier for people to take those larger items.

With one big cleanup day offered in the spring by Pictou County Solid Waste – and even that having strict limitations – some kind of extra service would certainly be much appreciated.

Councillors, in discussing the idea, also made mention of the value of the voucher system already in place that allows residents two free passes to the landfill site in Mount William with a load of trash. They made it clear that the program should continue even if another service is contemplated.

The discussion also raised the issue of illegal dumping, something that comes up from time to time. When yet another instance is discovered it’s pretty discouraging for the more conscientious residents. Most wouldn’t dream of throwing garbage in a ditch, down a dirt road or wooded area – but obviously someone is doing it.

Short of psychoanalyzing a person who does something as outrageous as dumping rubbish along in a secluded rural area, it’s hard to say what would stop them.

Offering extra disposal services as council is discussing might address the problem to a degree, although Coun. Randy Palmer said he doesn’t believe it will stop it. Other councillors suggest education is key to halting the practice, and no doubt that’s true – along with more of a neighbourhood watch approach, as Fraser suggested.

It might even be worthwhile doing a random canvass of county residents to determine if most are aware of the voucher system and the opportunity of delivering loads of waste to the Mount William site.

Geographic location: Mount William

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