Blank slate now, ready for spring

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The white shroud draws back an inch or more day by day. As the frozen lock gives way on the earth, the first colour breaks free, usually those hardy, brave little crocuses.

Any day now, we’re thinking, with spring here. Granted we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves given the forecast of a storm for Wednesday. But we’ll take heart, that snow won’t stick around long at this time of year.

At any rate, anyone who has ever ordered bulbs or packets of seed will have received a number of those catalogue offers in the mail. The pictures of the full-bloom results are awfully tempting.

For anyone who hasn’t tried out the greenness of their thumb, there’s no time like the present to give it some planning. The bonuses are many when it comes to beautifying a property. Any spare patch of soil will be happy to oblige itself to some greenery and blossoms.

And you’ll be in good company. Consider the Communities in Bloom program that’s been catching on here and across the country. Some of the local towns have participated for years now and have garnered awards for their efforts.

Take that sort of beautification one step further into the neighbourhoods and we have communities just that much more attractive.

There are all sorts of bargains to be had at the local greenhouses and garden centres. A lot of them don’t take a lot of effort to get great results. Try planting a couple of dahlia tubers, for example, then prepare to be amazed at the flowering performance you’ll get through the summer and fall.

We’re had much reason of late to think about our community and some of the elements needed to make improvements. While it won’t bring home the bacon, there’s much to be said for surroundings that make everyone proud of our neighbourhoods.

At the very least, some shrubbery and a good, old-fashioned English garden approach around our houses will make visitors to the area slow down and take notice. And at best, it might make them want to stay awhile.

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