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If the Municipality of Pictou County, Town of Pictou and New Glasgow are truly serious about working together to look at a new approach for governance, it appears they left out a few important people in the discussions – namely the councillors of one of the municipalities that is supposed to be a key partner.

Councillor Robert Parker, speaking at the Municipality of Pictou County’s council meeting Monday night said he found out about the proposed agreement through the media and Deputy Warden Andy Thompson said he got invite to the event, but didn’t know the full extent of the announcement until he attended the event. This isn’t the way a democratic process should work.

If those behind proposed agreement between New Glasgow, Pictou and Pictou County were looking for efficiency, they certainly got it by side stepping the ugliness of council debates and public discussions to get to the stage of drafting a memorandum.

However,  they also created the possibility of more division by slighting both the three towns that were left out of the proposal and apparently even councillors from the communities they’re talking about partnering with.

And this is supposed to show that the county can work together as a single unit? If any form of agreement is going to happen, there needs to be true unity. That doesn’t mean leaving out those who might disagree out of the discussions. It will take time and it will likely be messy, but it’s the best approach.

As Winston Churchill quoting an unknown source once said. “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried.”

Hopefully the towns of Pictou, New Glasgow and the Municipality of Pictou County will see fit to include others in the discussions including representatives from the other communities. 


Geographic location: Pictou County, New Glasgow

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Recent comments

  • Look a bit deeper please
    April 10, 2014 - 10:05

    Flying the flag of togetherness seems a safe approach. But really what should we expect from The News when going so far as to express an "opinion"? Perhaps a bit more than a surface skim and resulting shallow reaction. My reading of what happened is that an MOU is designed to set a framework for having productive discussions, including parameters for civil and productive examination. Apparently The News is unaware of the past dysfunction and wants to spin the same wheel again. Right from the start the three municipalities representing 75% of the population indicated that the others would be invited to join. Neither Parker nor the News seems to get that. There is no affront to democracy, no exclusion to those who are willing nor any untoward dealings here. What is there, is a good faith effort to move our community forward for those who want to see something different and better happen. Your Winston Churchill quote seems to add a faux air of intelligence or gravitas. Let me respond in kind although I don't actually know where to attribute the quote. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." What is being done is a service to our community, yet the News chooses put out an opinion - not just a factual news story but an opinion - based on comments as fact rather than a journalistic tradition of finding out what is really going on. Acting this way, The News feeds the dysfunction and knee jerk haters. Finding the real facts, analysing them rationally, all to be a newspaper which is a credit to that business and our community takes time and can be messy but its the right approach.