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To the editor,

With the festive season upon us once more and everyone in the spirit of Christmas shopping I can’t help but wonder why the Red Shield Appeal or the Salvation Army collection kettles don't have a common pin with a little red piece of ribbon to acknowledge the people who support this very worthy campaign.

Many people who shop at different locations pass three or four kettles per day. It is embarrassing to say the least when you have to pass them by, for lack of change, or it may cause you to run short on your purchase.

Granted these organizations do not verbally ask for donations, but they are placed in the path of the shopping customer where you can’t help but make contact with them. This organization has been helping people for generations and they all willingly give free time. I for one never fail to support this honourable cause.

But when you go to another location, you don’t feel like telling the person tending the kettle you already contributed at another location. It would be so much easier if they gave a small sticker saying you’ve supported the cause. I’m sure it would increase their contributions as well.

What if schools allowed a brief time toward making these pins or ribbons to donate to the Salvation Army, what a feeling and the seed you would plant in the hearts of those young students. I’m sure there are numerous organizations that would donate the materials.

People need people and the Lord tells us to help the less fortunate. I’m 100 per cent behind helping the Salvation Army program. I’m sure this would help not only the Salvation Army but also plant a seeds in hearts about what giving and sharing really means. I’d much rather have the true meaning of this special time of year in my life than a tree surrounded by material gifts. Merry Christmas to all.

Philip MacKenzie

New Glasgow

Organizations: Salvation Army

Geographic location: New Glasgow

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Recent comments

  • bobby hall
    December 09, 2013 - 20:20

    that is an excellent idea Philip. also the part having the children help make pins or what ever for them to pass out is an awesome idea to plant a seed of helping in the children's minds.

  • Victoria
    December 09, 2013 - 16:56

    A pin or sticker is not necessary, I mean I for one would not bother to put it on each time I went out...I just wouldn't. If you've donated, feel good about that and walk on by. Don't you have anything else to worry about?

  • Betty T
    December 07, 2013 - 16:25

    Wow, how scary that must be for you to walk by? Here's a novel idea? Why not just take a few quarters or loonies and put a bit in each you encounter? or smile and walk by? The ones sitting their for hours a day at the kettles aren't the ones complaining, nor getting paid to sit there.