Use the rubber ducky test on sewage woes

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To the editor,

Members of Pictou County council have some concerns that untreated sewage from the treatment plant in Pictou is getting into the inner harbour past the causeway. A good starting point to investigate might be to put 20 rubber duckies in the water near the treatment plant outlet and see if any of them make it past the causeway over a few tide changes.

One could use marker dye but duckies are more fun (and temporary) and the flue under the causeway is very shallow. If the duckies can't make it, the cause of coliforms must be something else.

Ron Arnold


Organizations: Pictou County council, Ron Arnold

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Recent comments

  • D Battist
    December 09, 2013 - 06:14

    The rubber duck idea seems to be atleast something, when nothing else seems to be happening to resolve this. Ive taken pictures multiple times of the sewage trail that follows the shore line in Lyons Brook. Several people/reps have come to view it personally - but yet its still happening. The situation was far better before the sewer line went thru, despite what some will try and convince you of. Unacceptable. Here's one such picture - of which there are many more. The grey water trail smells just like sewer when it comes in.

  • Lyons Brook resident
    December 07, 2013 - 08:39

    The untreated sewage is not coming from the treatment plant but from the raw sewage that is flowing into the harbour and out to the channel to be brought back in on the rising tide. If it was going to treatment plant all would be great. suggest you read article again