Local MLAs will have a hard road to travel

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To the editor,
After reading the one-on-one interviews with the three MLAs for Pictou County, it makes one stop and think about what they want for the county. 

Well they are all very good at talking and telling stories. But first of all we need an open and honest government in Halifax to work with. And not the Liberal government, for Stephen McNeil has all ready shown his colours  by cutting the paving program and the appointment of Glennie Langille to the office of protocol and then there is the matter of his brother getting a government contract.

Now there is also the matter of Maritime Steel that is still closed and other businesses that have closed and left Pictou County, for example, Nova Forge, Trenton Car Works and the list goes on. As for Daewoo, it is for many a temporary employer.

Now let’s take a good look at NSCC. They can train as many young men and women for job opportunities as they want to. But if the businesses are not here the jobs are not here as well. And many will leave for jobs elsewhere.

And yes our health care is in disrepair and that is to say the least. The wait time for any MRI or CT is up to three months or longer and for surgery that is something else again. And families without a doctor are up in the thousands, with no available doctors in sight. And one would say when it come to our schools we do not need new ones but what we do need is the ones we have now upgraded and repaired.

Now the one thing that I did not see in the interview with the MLAs was a phone number or office address where they could be reach. In closing I wish them all the luck in the world for they sure have a hard road to travel.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

Geographic location: Halifax, Pictou County, New Glasgow

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Recent comments

  • johnny smoke
    January 11, 2014 - 11:45

    I feel your pain Loyd right in the area that cannot be mentioned here. However what you conveniently left out was that your time line of events occurred mostly within the last four years, and in the last four years it was not the Liberal government of Stephen MacNeil but the NDP government of Darrell Dexter who ruled the roost. While many of these items that you mention are still out standing one that is not is the awarding of a $250 thousand dollar bonus to the ex premiers staff for a job not very well done. I am more than disappointed that you did not mention that tidbit as it causes me to believe that your piece was not about the economic conditions that burden our county and province, but about the results of the October election about which you have taken exception. Cheer up Loyd what goes around comes around and if things are as bad in four years Mr. MacNeil and the Liberals will share the same fate as Md Dexter and the NDP. Oh did I mention that both Mr. MacNeil and Mr. Dexter will be entitled to pensions in the $135-$150 grand range for the rest of their days. Defeat is something to look forward to-for some people at least.