E-cigarette regulations necessary to protect people

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To the editor,
Health and Wellness Minster Leo Glavine’s Jan. 16 announcement to regulate e-cigarettes is a necessary step to protect the health of Nova Scotians.

E-cigarette popularity and sales have skyrocketed in the last couple of years, with a growing number of Nova Scotians trying the product. Currently in our province people are using the product in hospitals, public places and workplaces where smoking is banned. As a province we need to make sure that we’re not renormalizing smoking and exposing Nova Scotians to a potentially unsafe product.

E-cigarettes, which heat liquid to turn it into vapour, can contain flavouring, propylene glycol, glycerin, and other chemicals. Although it’s illegal to sell e-cigarettes containing nicotine or nicotine cartridges in Canada, some products being sold in Nova Scotia do contain nicotine in addition to other chemicals.

E-cigarette proponents state that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking. However, this has not been scientifically proven. It is impossible to determine what chemicals are in e-cigarettes as they have not been submitted to Health Canada for consumer product safety testing. So people don’t know if what they are buying is safe to use, nor how likely it is to help them reduce or stop using tobacco products.

Until more is known about the safety of these devices and the vapour they produce we need regulations to protect the health of Nova Scotians. As the coalition committed to reducing tobacco use in the province, we commend Minster Glavine for moving forward with regulations that will protect youth, limit marketing, and restrict where e-cigarettes can be used.

For more information about e-cigarettes visit SFNS E-cigarette Q&A

Krista McMullin

President, Smoke-Free Nova Scotia

Organizations: Health Canada

Geographic location: Nova Scotians, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Kathy H.
    January 24, 2014 - 15:25

    No Krista, once again puritan do-gooder "scientes" like you and the revolving door of "Health" Ministers like Leo Glavine have NO clue what you are talking about, only spite and political correctness over fact and science. The Governments are only worried they are missing out on the "blame smokers for everything" 500% AIR tax they tack onto a pack of smokes, over $13 on a pack of $16. I have written every person on every level for over 20 years asking for one published study to back their claims, not ONE can, or will provide it. Every year you copy and paste the same old "200 Nova Scotian's die every year from second hand smoke", If it's 3 or 372, do you just round up or down? Using that fiqure of 200 per our population of over 900,000 and multiply by the earths poplulation of over 7 billion, that's tens of millions. I've asked to prove and name just ONE person, show me an autopsy report, a obituary? Again, nothing from you people in over 20 years. Obesity and all it's related causes are about the biggest drain on health care dollars, are you going to charge $15 for a hamburger, ice cream, cookies? Are you going to hide all the menus and anything fattening behind locked non-see through cases and make people guess what is for sale? are you going to ban them outdoors like criminals in shame for consuming a legal product? How about the hundreds of other causes of cancer like heredity, grilled meats, diets, exposure to cleaning chemicals? the interior of your car and anything made of plastic or fabric are FAR MORE carcenogenic. How about banning those to be fair as well? I suggest you take the time, of which none of you ever do to read some actual PUBLISHED data,. So sick of you people pretending to know what's best for everybody and breaking your arm patting yourself's on the back. Here's some reading for you, not like you'll, or any other your like minded experts will bother to anyways. BUTT OUT of OUR lives already. http://www.forces.org/Scientific_Portal/.