Local potential to get RV crowd in for a stop

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To the editor,
I have occasion to travel in my RV from time to time. I notice that on the U.S. highways they have signs advertising their "REST AREAS" and, above their signs, they have added "TEXT AREA," and the distance to the next stop, further stating that your Text can wait five or 10 minutes. 

I know there are not many rest areas for truckers and other motorists in Atlantic Canada, but maybe there should be areas where motorists could pull off for a rest and send their texts or make their cellphone calls.

Second comment. Many small towns have RV friendly places where RV'ers (a growing pastime) can overnight in, and are very near their shopping areas, at a reasonable price. Price depends on what they offer – water, electricity, sewage disposal. I followed the closure of the JBM Stadium and suggest that it would be a great place where RV'ers could stay for a few hours or a day or night. Most units are self-sufficient, and, a water tap for them to take on water would be nice.

A dump station would be great also, however, there is one at the Irving Station at Lower Plymouth. If there were electrical outlets spread around the parking lot and the lots marked off, the town could charge enough to recover any setup costs, and the local business and the downtown would benefit.

If this became an objective, then maybe the playground equipment should be left where it is, and/or the YMCA building, etc. Also, RV Storage is a big business right now, the old Stadium could be used for RV storage in the Winter and RV activities in the summer.

Perhaps one of the recreation students could co-ordinate some of this. Just a few thoughts.

Dave Anderson


Organizations: Irving Station, YMCA

Geographic location: Atlantic Canada, JBM Stadium

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  • RTW
    January 25, 2014 - 15:34

    A noble idea David, except you don't live beside the staduim or YMCA. We just got past decades of picking up coffee cups and fast food wrappers and asst. junk off our lawns daily, constant damage to the park, constant break ins and damage to vehicles, constant drunk teens hollering in the park every weekend and before, during and after every event, constant speeders racing to and from the rink and Y, the list goes on. How about a nice park beside Forbes Lake or River Rd in Plymouth? I do agree on highway rest areas, the Maritimes are in the dark ages when it comes to our highway conditions, lighting and ammenities. Remember when the "new highway" was put in and they assured everybody along the old highway through Alma and beyond that it would not affect their business in any way? Look what happened, all but 2 or 3 went out of business, and the remaining few are forbid to put any signage up advertising their establishments.