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To the editor,
We all remember the song Where Have All the Flowers Gone. I would say all us older folks do. Now I have to ask Ottawa where has all the money gone? The feds have close eight veterans affairs offices across Canada, and on top of that tied up six coastal patrol vessels along with navy research vessels.

Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino is nothing but a big joke, now blaming the closure on government unions saying they are anti-Tory. He says he is not leaving – well he might as well for the veterans no longer trust him as a minister.

Now we have Prime Minister Stephen Harper just back from a trip to the Middle East where he made promises of $160 million in aid. Well one can go along with that to a point. But I do believe we have to look after our own first before we give away everything in the bank to other nations. Please do not get me wrong for I do not want to see men, women and children cold and hungry. But I do think we have the duty to look after our own first. We do have many families with children cold and hungry going to bed in this country on a daily basis.

So I say to Harper and Peter MacKay, where has all the money gone that we cannot keep our navy afloat and veterans affair offices open and look after our families that are cold and hungry.  I do not believe for one moment that we veterans will be looked after better with staff in Service Canada offices. For when you close down veterans office with trained staff how can you give a better service when the staff are not trained and do not know the veterans or files they are dealing with? Answer that one Mr. MacKay. I cannot believe for one moment that we will get better service from Service Canada. And don’t for get October 2015 is coming and we will see who rules then.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

Organizations: Veterans Affairs, Service Canada

Geographic location: Middle East, New Glasgow

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