Power saving made possible by Efficiency Nova Scotia

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To the editor,
After reading the writeup in Monday’s Chronicle Herald regarding the Energy Minister being advised of Efficiency Nova Scotia's merit, I thought I should tell my story.

We live in one of the oldest homes in Victoria Mines, which was built on the ocean side of New Waterford Highway. We moved in over 15 years ago and after a few years, we had Acap Cape Breton come in and assess the insulation in the house. I insulated from the attic to the basement with the help of a provincial and federal grant.    

In 2009 the problem started with a 9.4 per cent power increase that was approved November 2008 by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board when the Conservatives were in power. Then the NDP came to power in June 2009. In 2010 power rates increased 0.1 per cent and then in 2011, 5.7 per cent. So to try and reduce my power bills, I installed a number of CFLs, as they use less than one-quarter of the electricity of an ordinary light bulb. Then I installed two SA-approved power bars – one for my TV and DVD and one for my desktop computer. To save power I shut off my power bars every night.

We also have two timers – one on the deck lights which I adjust as days get longer or shorter. With these few changes I made – when the power rate increased 9.9 per cent in 2012, our NS Power bill decreased from $77 a month to $66 – an $11 saving – which some people may find hard to believe. In 2013 the power rate increase was 2.8 per cent – a total increase in the last four years was 18.5 per cent not the 30 per cent plus bogus and untrue numbers that were put out there! 

On Oct. 4, 2013, Efficiency Nova Scotia helped us install 17 CFLs and LED night lights and a low-flow showerhead. I am hoping that with the three per cent power increase in 2014, my power bill might just stay the same. We get our power bills every two months; the highest I paid on my power bill for the energy efficiency program fee was $6.01 and the lowest amount was $3.25.

Efficiency N.S. has also installed on our TV and DVD an automatic power-down called Embertec. I would like to congratulate Efficiency N.S for the savings this has provided for my wife and me, as pensioners on fixed income, and this is also great for the environment. We do not begrudge the small added fee on our power bills, when we have such decreases in our power bills as a result of the work provided by the NS Energy Efficiency Program, implemented when the NDP were in power, along with the provincial rebate we also receive on our power bills.

Alex MacIsaac

Victoria Mines

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