Governments doing poor job of management

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To the editor,
The Nova Scotia auditor general’s report was shocking to say the least showing the citizens of Nova Scotia owe $13.9 billion. That means that every man, woman and child owes $14,832.

We cannot allow our political parties to continue to handle our finances by themselves. If they were running private companies they would be replaced as poor managers long before this financial mess.

Since 1867 the citizens have allowed poor management with the Liberals, Conservatives and our recent bad experience with the NDP. All three had difficulty balancing the budget, with nothing paid on our huge debt. All we seem to get is higher taxes on everything, plus deeper in debt.

We must look at countries like Norway for solutions. Norway is viewed as the poster child of good governance with their disciplined approach. They took charge of their oil industry and now have a surplus trust of $664 billion for the citizens.

Look at our national debt of $600 billion – in a country as rich as Canada. We have had so many years of the old political parties, and we must include our Senate as well in the poor management.

Our federal and provincial governments have poorly handled our natural resources. Here in Nova Scotia our deputy ministers appear to work for large companies and not the citizens who pay the salaries. Why the poor returns from these great assets? Who is not doing their jobs? Are they being held accountable?

Now we are looking nationally to our north for the great abundance of resources and the trillions of dollars it represents to all of us.

Yes, it is owned by First Nations and we the people of Canada. The long-neglected First Nations are beginning to attract the attention of the federal government. The banks are interested as they can smell the billions in profit they will make off the First Nations citizens. Hopefully the First Nations leaders will negotiate good deals.

Consider former Newfoundland premier Danny Williams who said no to Big Oil and asked for a fairer return for his people. He walked away and Big Oil was upset but came back later and paid up, and Newfoundland became a have-province, much to the surprise of other Atlantic premiers.

If the First Nations and we are not going to benefit in the north, leave the assets underground for our children’s benefit.

Did you ever think if the government had not sold Nova Scotia Power we would have an extra $200 million to pay on our debt? Have you noticed corporations trying to buy parts of the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, trying to convince us privatization is the way to go? We would lose more money and the employees would get minimum wage and few benefits.

There is still room for private and public corporations but not without a public watchdog. Governments have not been good watchdogs.

Lloyd MacKay

New Glasgow

Organizations: First Nations, NDP, Nova Scotia Power Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

Geographic location: Norway, Canada, Newfoundland Nova Scotia New Glasgow

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