Government efforts should focus on attracting jobs

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To the editor,
The NDP have uncovered the truth about the appointment of Glennie Langille to the office of the chief protocol officer by Stephen McNeil just two days after his government took office.

I now ask you just where is this so called open and truthful and transparent government that he talks about and the promise before he was elected to office. And now we have Diana Whalen the finance minster going around the province on taxpayers’ money talking about the budget while the jobless rate stands at 8.6 per cent. The loss of jobs in the month of January was 1,700.

I would say every time there is a job loss it affects the economy of the province. Therefore the money that is spent by her office sending her around the province would be better spent in looking or bringing new business to Nova Scotia. For just in the past month there have been four business in the Highland Square Mall in New Glasgow close and that put more people out of work. So just what is the point of spending tax dollars on trips around the province when businesses are closing and people losing their jobs?

I would say the time has come for Mr. McNeil to stand up to his word and get of this patronage grandstanding and make good on some of his promises that he talked about during his pre-election campaign. After all as taxpayers we are his boss, are we not? I say to the premier get off your high horse and do what the people of Nova Scotia  want. Jobs and more jobs and lots of them.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

Geographic location: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.For, Nova Scotia

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  • Former Resident
    February 14, 2014 - 21:15

    This is the guy (Stephen MacNeil) everybody in NS wanted to replace Dexter was Darrel was seen as the corporate sell out and Stephen McNeil champion of small business. Kind of ironic Darrell Dexter was doing his best to bring jobs to the province while Stephen MacNeil is doing nothing.