People are just surviving in town of Pictou

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To the editor and the folks of Pictou,
Our town use to be thriving with lots of business to support the townsfolk; we use to have all kinds of festivals and celebrations alike. 

At one time you could take a bus to the surrounding towns in the community. If you wanted, you could go out to numerous events in the run of a week (you could even go bowling if you wanted). People from all around wanted to come visit our little town and spend some of their hard-earned money here while making precious memories.

Pictou in 2014, we have very limited business to support our town, no public transportation to travel to the surrounding communities, very little night or social life (for any age). A lot of people from Pictou and the East Coast alike are leaving for work spending a portion of their wage on travel and living out of province. The ones left here cannot make a good living and therefore cannot over-spend to help our town thrive. Many people have no doctor and let their health suffer instead of sitting in an Emergency Room for hours on end. Our Lobster Carnival and Exhibition that was once a place for locals to show their talents and celebrate our local achievements has gone downhill greatly and may be on the brink of being phased out. We do not live in Pictou, we are just surviving here.

Who do we blame? It would be easy to blame the municipal, federal and provincial governments. It would be just as easy to blame the businesses that moved out of the area, the tourists that do not come around. Our ancestors that did nothing to keep our town thriving, they would all be easy targets. Sadly we can blame whomever we want, but it is everyone who is currently a resident of Pictou, myself included, that has the most to lose. We all sit on our couch or in the local coffee shops and complain about the town going downhill, how things use to be and the way things should be.

How do we solve the problem? I do not have the solution, but I do have ideas like I am sure many people do. We have to get the government bodies, business owners, residents, youth, seniors, media, and investors together in a think tank and start hashing out solutions. If not our kids will be telling their kids about this place in northeastern Nova Scotia called Pictou where they once lived in.

It is time we stopped surviving in Pictou and started living here.

Kevin Pettipas


Geographic location: Pictou, East Coast, Northeastern Nova Scotia

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  • sally perry
    February 20, 2014 - 19:18

    not only pictou look at Trenton and this sorry state who wants to stay here nothing for the young and jobs the prices r to high to buy a home and property taxes are the main cause why young people go away If they put all the towns in one then maybe things will change