Couple in west to work has nightmare renting home

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To the editor,
Dear Pictou County:
I just wanted to warn the residents of Pictou County who find themselves in the position that my husband and I did, and faced with the reality of having to move out west to better our lives and leave behind everything you have worked for.

We did find ourselves in the position of not being able to sell our home as there were many homes for sale and we were left with the only option of renting our home, with all our belongings left behind. We did have a contract in place with the parties and made sure it was stated that nothing belonging to the home was to be sold, discarded or taken from the home.

After many months of frustration and rent not being paid on time the parties found themselves being moved for another job, and they left before the scheduled time as they were informed a walk-through of the property would be done by someone on our behalf. They turned our heat off, pipes broke and they took our belongings (we actually caught them on Facebook prior to this giving our stuff away).

Police were called at that point and they were warned not to take anything from the home. After all of this we are now left with a home that is destroyed, our belongings gone and no help from the local police. One constable said "it’s not worth our time."

Lawyers do not respond to my emails or calls or else want a lot of money to look at the case. It’s been very heartbreaking and frustrating to have had trusted people take advantage of others who are on the other side of the country.

For all of those people left in Pictou County who may find themselves in the same situation please be careful! We now have to struggle once again to pay to live out west and to try to recover what we can from back home. 

Gutted – out west 

Brenda MacDonald 

Geographic location: Pictou County

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