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To the editor,
Were you surprised the government yanked the $150,000 from the Pictou County governance study? I personally wondered how long they were going to play along with stalling tactics. The Liberals saw it like it was a non-deal, and why waste the money!

For 40 years we have heard the same shared service bull knowing full well the councils knew they could not reach any agreement on amalgamation, and shared service was the way to go, then they would agree to disagree and on and on they went.

It’s nice to see New Glasgow, Pictou and the county trying to keep things going on amalgamation or, really, shared service. All three of these councils know amalgamation is out of the question unless it is legislated by the provincial government. Why don’t they just ask for legislation to make it happen, or are they not serious? It’s all for the good of our region. Are they protecting their seats of power and influence – it sure does look like that.

Why are we not getting leadership from our elected PC MLAs here in Pictou County? Are they hoping someone else will solve this problem and they won’t have to get involved? I am confident they know what is going on and want to avoid having to make a decision in case there will be repercussions.

There is only one way to solve this amalgamation problem that our civic leaders have been stalling on. Our Liberal government has to legislate it for the good of Pictou County and our future as a valued region of Nova Scotia.

We all can wait till the cows come home for it to happen on its own, otherwise forget it and stop grandstanding with press meetings to stall the inevitable.

The only ones that can do it is the Liberals as they are in power now and it would be good if the three local PC members could vote with them as relations are good now with all members regardless of their political persuasion. Really, what do the Liberals have to lose, as the three seats are being held by the opposition.

All it needs now is DO IT!

Lloyd MacKay

New Glasgow

Organizations: PC MLAs

Geographic location: New Glasgow, Pictou County, Nova Scotia

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