A healthy debate, but with intent to betray

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To the editor,
Re: Sterling banned for life by NBA, fined US $2.5 million (April 30).

The bandwagon of public opinion is clearly going in one direction and there is no shortage of single-minded opinionated people jockeying for position at the front of the wagon. I feel very strongly that someone should look at this from a different angle and speak up for Donald Sterling.

Mr. Sterling and his mistress, or whatever, were two adults having a private conversation, a discussion on right or wrong or good versus evil, each challenging the other as to what was acceptable behaviour. That, I consider a healthy debate between two people who trust each other enough to express their innermost private thoughts and come to an understanding. This I consider a very healthy part of our learning curve, and through such private talks we learn to become better people.

It was only when one deceived the other, baiting him into a conversation that is intended to be used against him that there was a problem.

Mr. Sterling had no intent to hurt people with racist comments. It was only his companion who plainly intended to hurt people with racist remarks and if anyone should be shunned by society it is the phoney girlfriend. If it was the other way around I would be upset with Mr. Sterling for giving men a bad name by portraying men as untrusting, and so I say, cut the guy some slack!

He may have exaggerated to make the point he didn’t want his girlfriend embarrassing him in public. Investigation into those so quick to condemn Mr. Sterling may very well reveal a racist attitude far deeper than Mr. Sterling’s. Many a good person has gone to the gallows for lack of a different point of view.

Alex J. MacKenzie

Pictou Landing

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