Person can’t win on parking meter beat

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To the editor,
Some weeks ago I got a parking ticket in downtown New Glasgow.

I was parked near Pridhams. I put money in the meter and went into the bank. I was a little longer at the bank than I had anticipated and the meter had run out. Just as I approached my car an officer started writing me a ticket. I asked him how much it would be and he said $20. I nearly fell down.

However, after he wrote the ticket he began to give me a lecture on the machine, as he called it. He went on and on about the use of it and how it worked and the purpose of it. I’m not sure if he was trying to be funny or what but he came across as ignorant and arrogant and the joke was on him, as at 80 years of age I did not need any information from him as I am well aware of the “machine” and the laws. I have been driving for over 60 years.

I did absolutely nothing to provoke him as I never said a word, so I filed a complaint with the New Glasgow police service and paid the ticket while it was at the $10 stage.

Now, a week or so ago I was again parked in downtown New Glasgow, this time by Whites Custom Cresting. I put $1.50 in the meter only to realize it wasn’t working. I am wondering if since this officer is a fierce defender of the town, if he could instruct the town to return my $1.50, and perhaps he could give them a lecture on the workings of these machines and instruct the town that in order to put money in them that they should be in working order. I’m sure he would be willing to offer up a lecture. I still want my $1.50 back.

In my opinion the officer involved made a complete fool of himself and I was not impressed by his “extensive knowledge.”

Irene MacDonald

RR1 Merigomish

Geographic location: New Glasgow

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  • GuiltyasCharged
    May 04, 2014 - 21:30

    Nice story. Unfortunately we haven't heard the rest of the story & probably never will so therefore Ms. MacDonald's letter could probably be taken as gospel. Now before folks start to sound of, I have also received parking tickets in downtown NG (& other places) and that was because I either never put money in "the machine" or never put in enough. As for the 2nd meter being broken down, hopefully you get your money back.