Too many examples of towns agreeing to disagree

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To the editor,
The more I read about the towns agreeing to disagree, as in The News article May 15, “Taken by surprise,’ where New Glasgow was questioning Trenton on a farmers market, even on a different day from their own – can you even imagine that happening?

I got a chuckle when I read Pictou County council did not have $25,000 to put a sidewalk from Wendy’s to the Wellness Centre, including lights under the Trans-Canada. They are now looking for a government grant for it. Yes, this municipal unit is one of the richest in Nova Scotia. Wow!

The area is very dangerous and I do see it being used as I go to the Wellness Centre before 5 a.m. Monday to Friday. Just do it! This municipal unit now has an exposed liability.

If amalgamation had happened years ago we would still own the tourism icon, Ship Hector. Yes, even Prince Charles and Camilla are visiting it. Where were the other municipal units and why did they not help? Pictou was on their own, unfortunately, and shame on all of us for allowing it to happen.

I was on the transit commission when we lost busing, as they could not see running a bus service that could not pay for itself. We all like the transit service in Halifax – and it loses about $13 million per year. Which is growing, Halifax or our region? Stellarton was one of the first out of the bus service and they tried to run a service themselves, to no avail.

We even lost our regional planning service and naturally each town took the planning staff for their own. They now are working for the towns and really not in the interest of our region.

We should have had regional water service years ago like Halifax has had for over 100 years. We could have the East River protected from the headwaters to Plymouth. We need regional planners in place for this. Where is the vision? Councillors and mayors were absent from hearings regarding future wilderness areas including the importance of the East River for water supply.

Westville was one of the leaders on amalgamation yet they would not put $10,000 toward the Wellness Centre. There was vision at first but I don’t hear much from Westville and it sure would be great to have them involved in amalgamation.

Yes we do need leadership from our MLAs and MP to show how this can be done for the good of our region. We need leaders with vision and we need them now.

There are lots more reasons for amalgamation and lots of examples of how to do it successfully.

Lloyd P. MacKay

New Glasgow

Organizations: Wellness Centre, Pictou County council, Trans-Canada

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, East River, Westville Plymouth New Glasgow

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