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To the editor,
We can but likely shouldn't make a big fuss over a recent negative exchange of words between a New Glasgow employee and a Trenton councillor. 

I think both probably had their respective community’s best interest in mind but the Ray Ivany report would suggest that rather than squabble in such cases, a better approach would be to find ways to support each other. 

In addition, someone brought into the discussion that New Glasgow closed the John Brother rink to support the Wellness Centre, so Thorburn and Trenton should have done the same with their rinks. This is a bad idea. The John Brother was a wonderful facility and should never have been closed. Closing one, two or more rinks to open another is not progress. This sort of “beggar thy neighbour policy” is folly and such thinking is very unhealthy for the area.

The goal should be to make all the rinks profitable so they pay for themselves by co-operating to expand the number and variety of events. The Ivany report is encouraging us to think entrepreneurial and co-operate to build our dreams and communities together.

For example, years ago when Pictou fixed up its waterfront and built the deCoste Centre, New Glasgow soon followed our lead by fixing up its waterfront and adding Glasgow Square. I recall at the time hearing some folks whisper that New Glasgow was wrong to do so. In my opinion, that was wrong thinking, of course they should fix their waterfront and have a theatre. What is wrong is that the two theatres and waterfronts have not co-operated on joint projects.

For example, Pictou has its Lobster Carnival in July, New Glasgow its Jubilee in August. What an opportunity to organize waterfront races! We could have a major canoe race in July beginning at New Glasgow waterfront and ending at the Lobster Carnival. A return race using kayaks in August could begin in Pictou and complete in New Glasgow as part of the Jubilee. 

Midway on both races, organizers could have paddlers depart their boats in Trenton and participate in an event – target archery would be a possibility – with those results and finishing times deciding the winners.

That would take a little co-operation from three communities but very soon, after a few years, such races would become well known, major events attracting participants and tourists. I think this is the sort of thing that the Ivany Report is urging us to do in order to bring back prosperity.

Ralph Ferguson


Organizations: Wellness Centre

Geographic location: New Glasgow, Trenton

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