Humans push nature to the edge for industry

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To the editor,
There is a book entitled "The Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation" written by Canadian naturalist John Livingston that certainly could be applied at this time of the year in Nova Scotia.

In it, Livingston argues that nature in its pure form, wild and free, always takes second place to humans and our industrial ways, even though we like to beat our chest and tell ourselves a different story to justify our actions.

Anyone who carries out large-scale industrial activities at this time of the year in a wild, forested area falls into this category. Knowing full well that this is peak time for all ground and tree nests, for inhabitants both feathered and furred, their impacts on these beings are both unavoidable and destructive.

Sure some will see a few large nests or dens here or there but I would argue hundreds are missed. The list is long: northern flying squirrel, red squirrel, shrew, vole, mole, mice, hare, hawk, owl, kinglet, black-capped and boreal chickadee, thrush, sparrow, warbler, grouse, woodpecker, grey and blue jay, just to name a few.

It truly is a fallacy if times are that tough that we are not even able to make slight adjustments for these beings at such a delicate time of the year.

Billy MacDonald


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