Band-Aid approach should not take five hours

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To the editor,
I have something for the letters to the editor section, unfortunately it is about our great Pictou County Health Authority.

My grandson cut his finger at work and was taken to the emergency centre. My daughter (his mother) had to leave her work to go get him and find someone to stay with him so she could go back to work; she figured it wouldn’t take that long so she employed his great grandmother. 

His finger was bleeding pretty bad, so one or two stitches probably. He was first seen by the triage nurse, of course, who ask all the, when, where, and how, questions, but didn’t look at the cut herself. This is where it started going south. Because five hours later, he was seen by a doctor who said you have a cut there, cleaned it up, and said it didn’t need a stitch and put a Band-Aid on it.

Come on, who is to blame here, the triage nurse who should have looked at the cut, or the doctor who should have put a couple of stitches in. If it didn’t need stitches whatsoever then she should have seen that and cleaned it and sent him home – not five hours later so the doctor could put a Band-Aid on it.

Come on, a five-hour wait for a Band-Aid? Please, this is our emerge centre at work. God help us all. 

Lee Munro


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