People need jobs to be able to stay here

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To the editor,
Upon reading the article on June 14, I cannot believe that a man who wanted to put jobs in Pictou County is leaving and never looking back. 

Abbas Jafarnia's home in Stellarton is up for sale, and so is the foundry that he wanted to open to put men back to work. Since he could not get his investors to put the money, due to sanctions against investors in Iran, why has the government not helped him? He wants to get the foundry running and the work force could be close to 50.

We have a crisis in Pictou County with decreasing employment opportunities. Where are the municipal and business leaders at a time like this? We should be supporting new businesses to come and set up shop here, yet this is a prime example of turning your back on a business and the workers who had been there for over a decade. What is wrong with the government funding this man's dream and helping the workers get jobs back. Many of them have had to leave or work at minimum wage, and we know their talents are worth more than that.

The population rate in Pictou County is on the decline due to  more people moving out of the county to find work in other areas, not knowing if they will ever return.

I think the government is making mistakes by picking and choosing who can set up shop here and who cannot. TrentonWorks employed many people years ago. How many are at the new plan? Has the government helped them with financial backing?

Michelin downsizing and Convergys closing puts hundreds out of work. In some cases, spouses work in the same place. Now the unemployment rate climbs and the government will have to help people with assistance so they can still live in a home, have food and clothing. Why not help business? It would take a burden off the government spending and give people pride in having a job in their hometown. Having to move gives them a heavy heart over leaving their homes, friends, schools and other areas that make Pictou County the place they would rather be.

I think government representatives in Pictou need to look at what is best for the population, and have the funding in place to help business set up shops and to keep them open so there are more jobs and a future for families here. It is a win-win for Pictou County and for business, as well as for the ones who need jobs and the ability to remain in their homes. They deserve that future in their dreams.

We need jobs here, we cannot expect families who have lived here all their lives to pack up and move to the other side of Canada, leaving what they love behind.

Patty (MacKay) Lloyd


Organizations: Convergys

Geographic location: Pictou County, Stellarton, Iran Canada

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