Inattentive driving the biggest cause of crashes

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To the editor,
After reading a letter to the editor July 17, I sat in amazement at what was written about wanting the highway twinned from Sutherland River to Antigonish because it was stated that statistics do not lie.

But wait a minute, statisticians do not always tell the whole story. Yes the highway in question is a two-lane highway but it also has passing lanes and was well put together by a highway engineer that did the plans for the highway.

Now stop and ask yourself when was the last time you read your driver’s handbook or paid attention to the rules of the road, for I see it all the time including on four-lane highways, people driving too fast, using cellphones, texting, passing on the right hand side. And in our towns’ stop signs and red lights do not mean anything to a lot of people who drive. So who is at fault, the highway or the driver – I would say the driver wanting to get somewhere before they left home.

So folks, stop and ask yourself, is it the highway at fault or is it the driver? Yes I would like to see more twinned highways but I also see many accidents on them as well. So read your handbook and drive the way you are supposed to and the accident rate will go down, you can be sure. In closing, I sure hope that no one asks to have our sidewalks twinned for I am not sure what we would do then. Thank you and drive safe.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

Geographic location: New Glasgow

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Recent comments

  • alex
    July 28, 2014 - 16:50

    my opinion is I totally agree with Mr Murray- twinned highways are supposed to be put in only when the traffic volume requires it, and not when unfortunate accidents occur- this particular stretch of highway offer good visibility, passing lanes, etc, but I have often been passed by motorists who do not follow rules and think they can drive 20 over the limit, including 18 wheelers and bus, and often see phone use, yes even in the 18 wheelers. Twinning can tend to hide these behaviors as it takes away the oncoming traffic, but the issue is the drivers, their passengers who let them put their life at risk, and the enforcement agencies who do not do enough to stop this criminal behavior, yes criminal. If we do not have enough rcmp/police , hire them for this specific duty- they will more than pay for themselves, and save countless lives- now wouldn't some politician want to be the one who made us accountable for breaking our own laws? And by the way, since we can't afford to maintain the roads we have, what do you think these twinned roads will cost to maintain in a few years, as well as twice as much road to plow, etc, etc

  • Mark
    July 27, 2014 - 07:39

    Why do we even bother having sidewalks? If people read their handbooks, drove sensibly, paid attention, shouldn't we be able to walk amongst traffic? Lets make jokes about twining sidewalks when people have been killed. Stay classy.