Problem at mill needs to be fixed for good

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To the editor,
Over my lifetime I have seen all parties, Tory, Liberal and NDP form governments, federal and provincial.

And when they are asking for your vote they will tell you that they will do your bidding in all matters both big and small. But wait now for when they form the government and get in power that is all a different story. For they will then do as they please and tell us, the taxpayers and the voters who put them there, that what they are doing is what the people wanted them to do.

Now you take Northern Pulp that was built in the 1960s and the precipitator that was installed but has never been upgraded plus the fact the mill has been pumping toxins and pollution into the air. And then we have the environment minister telling us that there is no health risk to the people. Now if that be true why is it that the smell is still there and most of us with lung problems cannot breath and get all choked up when we go out side of our homes?

And then we have the premier who put the blame on the previous government and then there is Peter MacKay saying he wants no part of it for the problem is with the province. But wait now the federal government from what I understand put money into the mill so that makes it their problem too.

Now Northern Pulp want us to believe they are doing upgrades to get ready for a new precipitator that is 47 years old and has never been upgraded.

Well I say no to this for toxins, fumes and pollution are still coming from the mill and are still a health risk to all of us. So the time has come for the government to step up to the plate and have the mill shut down and fixed to the standard that it should be at and stop putting the blame on previous government for they were one of them. For up to this time we cannot believe anything that they tell us.

And then saying if they shut the mill down it will not open again. Well if that be the case it must be in petty bad shape all over. So I would say the time has come to stop telling stories and close the mill down and fix the problems for good.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

Geographic location: New Glasgow

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