Writer expressed intolerance toward opposing views

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To the editor,

Regarding the column, "A Pope out of touch" (Dec. 28), I thought I would make a point or two known. I do not usually read Gerard Veldhoven's articles since they address an area that does not much command my attention. However, from the title I suspected it might have something to do with religion, a topic I often consider, and so I read it.

Oddly, with all his comments, not once was a scientific article sited to support his comments about homosexuals – "gays and lesbians." Nor did he once cite any scripture to support why the Pope's comments were wrong. I am not a Catholic and pay little attention to what goes on with them, however, my attention was captured regarding "Christ-like thinking" and that the Bible mentions "love.”

When the writer attacked the Pope's devoutness and the Pope's apparent proclamation "that we are not free to love as we wish," the writer should have provided scripture from the Bible, in context, to support his comments. Perhaps the writer only intended to point out that the Pope's comment were only out of touch with many people in the world. Although the Bible does have much to say on the topics of lifestyle and of love, which differs greatly from much of 21st century attitudes, and although there are "equal rights, equal opportunity and equal marriage" in "the tapestry of many nations," if one wants to be a real Christian, one must follow what Christ taught (Matthew 20:18-20; John 12:47-48; 1 John 1:3-6; 2 John 2:3-6). Despite that, one can of one's will live and love as one chooses, even with society's accolades. However, one will do what one does apart from God's will without God's accolades (1 John 1:7-8).

Personally, I do not comment much on how a person wants to live his or her life in the privacy of the house and in public, as long as it is not in my face. On the other hand, I know what the Bible teaches regarding how a person is to live to display rightly, "Christ-like thinking." If the Pope's comments were in harmony with the Bible and in context, then the Pope biblically was correct. If his comments were in error according to the Bible then the Pope was in error. Mr. Veldhoven does harm to proper "Christ-like thinking" if his comments were biblically in error and the Pope's comments were biblically correct.

Invoking dislike and perhaps a hateful attitude toward what may be biblically correct does not help Mr. Veldhoven's case. Oddly he wrote of the Pope's intolerance and rhetoric while providing his own. Over and over I see those who speak loudest about intolerance and rhetoric, intolerant toward those who with a differing thought. It is as though Mr. Veldhoven is stating that his intolerance is proper and his rhetoric is correct and those who differ with him are wrong. Why can we not cease from trying to attack those who differ with our own thoughts and simply state politely why we disagree, citing the facts. (1 John 2:11)

Mr. Veldhoven is entitled to his own thoughts on his own topics and I support him in that. However, he should not attack those who differ with him perhaps hoping to solicit the support of others. Might does not always make right. If one follows accurately the Bible, one is biblically correct. If one does not want to follow the Bible accurately then do so but do not try to bend the Bible to fit what it does not support. Do not attempt to proclaim oneself in harmony with the Bible if one is not in harmony with it. Read it, in context, follow it if you choose or live as you choose. But if you choose not to live as the Bible states a Christian ought to live, do not pretend to be "Christ-like" in thought.

Raymond Wiseman

New Glasgow

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  • watcdog
    January 08, 2013 - 05:41

    The Roman catholic Church to me is a living contraversey to the true ideals of The life of jesus.