Jobs still haven't started and costs are going up

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To the editor,

Now that 2012 has passed into history, all the merry Christmas and happy new year's have been said and the new year of 2013 is here: just what does that bring with it for you and me. Well the news is not that good as power rates have gone up by three per cent for homeowners. And the loss of jobs here in Nova Scotia has the unemployment rate now standing at 9.3 per cent  with over 8,600 fewer jobs than in 2011.

So just what happened to the jobs that "start here?" I am not sure just what happened to all those jobs that were just around the corner. And yes the Harper government still has their action plan but what action plan are they talking about?  For now the seasonal worker who worked in the fishery or the forest worker will have a hard time getting their EI for the rules have been changed big time.  And this will put a hardship on many families throughout Nova Scotia. The full- and part-time jobs are just not out there. The Christmas rush is over and all of the retailers have cut back or laid off help.

So I would say it is time for the Dexter government to step up to the plate and show us where all the jobs that "start here" are. I have looked around a few corners and asked a few people and I keep getting the same answer. They just say there are no jobs.

And, yes, for the men and women lucky to be working the Canada pension rates and UI rates that they pay into just went up along with the cost of living. This will mean less money in their paycheques.

And last but not least the lines at the food banks are getting longer so just where will it all end?

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia.The, Canada

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Recent comments

  • darin
    January 17, 2013 - 18:32

    well,i am sitting here having a beer....feel like i am toasting the death of any little rights and freedoms i , as a canadian citizen might have once had. i cant believe we as a people still wonder why so many of us suffer a stress from just trying to live while the wealthy few live like kings and make us feel guilty if we dont work for them for starvation wages. when will the general population realize that the wealthy few finally control,if not own the"government" theres no jobs here for us , or our sons and daughters as every politician has promised ,to get elected because they will not let you work unless its for very little ,or nothing.they say it costs 50 to 85 k to keep a prisoner in a jail cell but want us to serve them ,support a family,pay our TAXES and feel thankful and proud on $11. an hour while they use up the resources that belong to us all

  • Ned
    January 15, 2013 - 19:31

    Always suprises me when folks from N.S. complain about moving to Alberta to land a job and get a decent wage. Moved here 30 years ago because of high unemployment in Pictou County and life is great. Also, you don't want pipe-lines, don't want fracking for oil- exploration, don't want coal mines etc. but wonder where the jobs are. Duhhh !

  • Can't make a living
    January 14, 2013 - 09:35

    Well i kind of agree with all the comments. I currently work a full time job and i am on the verge of getting evicted. Although i do work full time i still can't manage to pay rent bills but food on the table and cover my kids basic needs. What am i doing wrong, i don't go out or waste my money. Full time work here is nice but the Pay is to little. The cost of rent is too high and some of these landlords need to be looked at. WHAT DO WE DO TO LIVE AND NOT STRUGGLE.

    • Johnny smoke
      January 15, 2013 - 12:12

      Yes I hear your plight, shared by many in the county. However it did not stop or slow down the building of a Taj Mahal over by the exit 23 did it. i am surprised that you were not invited to the latest meeting with Prince Peter MacKay et al where the latest tax giveaways were the hot topic of discussion, I would think that Prince Peter would be interested with the plight of the common man or woman as they are the one's who vote, as they saying goes there are more of them than there are of us. But fear not better times are just ahead, I got that from none other than our local M.L.A.'s, they are pushing for more money to be given to the food banks to cover increased demand, now isn't that heart warming or what?

  • Concerned Single Parent
    January 10, 2013 - 22:22

    Hit the nail by the hammer on this scenerio! When will this ever end the government filling there pockets with the tax dollars they recieve three times! We get taxed on the stuff we buy, get taxed for when we work are asses off and taxed again when income tax rolls around! I just don't understand its like a mofia coming in grabbing our money and leaving us high and dry to defend for ourself! With the little petty wages we make if so lucky too have a job, still have to think where to find more money to put food on the table! But food only consist of pasta cause to buy any meat, dairy, or fish! To get the proper balanced food that the canadian food guide suggest you have is lack of but yet After paying the outrages power bill amd rent/ mortgage there is nothing left! But here the politicians go to dinner, travel, stay in hotels, have company vehicles paid for and a $150 -$300 hundred thousand or quite possibly more fpr salary a year to decide how to screw over the working man and make promises that never full fill! Tells lies just to get in and make a cushy living for themselves! Something wrong with this picture! When will this ever end, this has been going on for thousands of years when you look at history! Why are we so hopeless in changing history? Maybe someday all of us will stand up and just not vote! Cause even regardless if we do whats the point its just lies anyways and nothing ever gets done! So tired of the lies !

  • Johnny smoke
    January 10, 2013 - 08:39

    Once again Lloyd you are dead on regardless of the smirkers ,no doubt died in the wool N.D.P. supporters . I too have questioned when the "Jobs start here" train is to pull into the Pictou County area. Have you been by Maritime Steel lately? It certainly has not pulled in there. Have you been by Dawoo in Trenton lately, it certainly has not pulled in there either. Let's be blunt if it was not for Sobeys, Michelin,and many small business operations as well as all of the government agencies that spend and do not produce a penny of revenue, this place would be treading water, no under water. But do not be disappointed the illustrious M.L.A.'s who run this flash in the pan as as we speak about to reward themselves a hefty raise in salaries and benefits. I guess just announcing that "Jobs start here" is sufficient in their minds at least to trigger a bonus payment in salaries and benefits. Sort of mirrors the same operation at N.S.P. does it not, just sit back do nothing and demand more, these two organizations are like two peas in a pod. Maybe they should just join forces and clean out whatever is left, they seem to think that it all belongs to them as it is right now.

  • Derrick
    January 10, 2013 - 07:47

    I would also like to know where all these jobs are at. I don't really understand why Nova Scotians have to keep leaving their friends and family's to go out west and make the money they can't make here. I also don't understand why the government would promise us more jobs but not give them to us. I think it is pretty bad if u hve to leave here to go make the money to support your family's

  • Ed
    January 10, 2013 - 07:12

    First column, Lloyd?